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"Then how can you be so impolite?" Tang Qi niftily raised his head, eyes flashed a sly smile, deliberately holding out his chest, the big watery eyes showed endless charming little amorous feelings. "Ye Tao looked at the temptation of the beautiful woman, stretched out a hand and pinched it on her buttocks." "Ah," Tang Qi felt the pain of eating, immediately a cry of surprise, immediately Jiao Chen way, "you big bad guy, how to use so much force." As soon as she finished, she found that this was in the campus, although the flow of people here is relatively rare, but there are still people. Looking at the strange eyes of several passers-by, she blushed, stepped on Ye Tao's foot, and ran away. But Ye Tao looked at several people to visit the eyes, is a face of indifference, do not care, shrugged his shoulders before slowly followed up. The next day, more than nine o'clock in the morning. Ye Tao went out of the dormitory door and came to a remote place in Huaqing Garden. As soon as his mind moved, he disappeared without a trace. It's just a moment of exercise. His figure appeared in an unmanned grove not far from the villa area of Maple Leaf Garden, and he swayed towards the gate of the villa area of Maple Leaf Garden. Why do you use so much force? How to use so much force to get to the website Chapter three hundred and forty coincidence of the main text [Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated: June 4,industrial racking systems, 2012 20:40:54 Words in this chapter: 7847 Chapter three hundred and forty coincidence This maple leaf garden villa area can be regarded as a rich concentration, the location is slightly remote, the price of each villa is more than 20 million, although in the capital is nothing, but the people living here, is not rich or noble, can be said to be heavily guarded. When Ye Tao arrived at the gate of the villa area, a uniformed security guard greeted him and said coldly,mobile racking systems, "Sir, who are you looking for?" "Look for Wang Zhengnian of Villa 17." Ye Tao speaks at the same time, also slightly looked at the security guard, according to his perception, these security guards also look good-looking, or deal with ordinary people. If it really involves some slightly powerful people, these guards are almost useless. You should be Mr. Ye, right? The security guard immediately showed a smile when he heard this. Yesterday afternoon, Wang Zhengnian had already come to say hello in advance and sent two cartons of Chinese cigarettes, in order to make these people a little more enthusiastic when receiving Ye Tao, because Wang Zhengnian knew very well in his heart that there were some people who looked down on people in the eyes of these security guards. He didn't want Ye Tao to have any bad feelings, and that was nothing to him. Tao smiled faintly. Then Mr. Ye will come over and register a little, and then you can go in. The security guard answered. At the same time, he was surprised to see Ye Tao several times. Unexpectedly, the latter not only dressed in ordinary clothes, wire mesh decking ,push back racking system, but also came here on foot. The only good thing was that they had undergone some professional training, but they did not show any contempt and disdain. Later, when Ye Tao was registering, the security guard also used the walkie-talkie to call Wang Zhengnian, and then told him about Ye Tao's arrival. As soon as he said this, Wang Zhengnian couldn't wait to say, "You let Mr. Ye wait a moment, and I'll drive out to pick him up right away." As soon as Ye Tao heard this, he said to the security guard, "You tell Professor Wang that he doesn't have to come out. I still like walking." "Good," the security guard looked at Ye Tao in surprise and conveyed Ye Tao's meaning to the past, so that Wang Zhengnian could give up. When Ye Tao entered the villa area, the security guard shook his head and said to another person beside him, "Xiao Li, who do you think this young man is? I feel that Professor Wang seems to respect him very much." "I don't know who it is, but I know very well that it is someone we can't offend." After Xiao Li replied, he said with emotion, "Now the rich people don't know what to think, not only the people who drive small Aotuo, but also the people who walk." "Maybe the money was burned, or maybe these people were afraid of being kidnapped by someone, so they kept a low profile," the security guard said. While these two were talking.
Ye Tao is walking slowly in the villa area. The environment here is really good. The villa area is composed of different landscape areas composed of various rare plants, so that each household can get the best landscape, forming the landscape structure model of streams, forests and courtyards, realizing the harmonious communication and symbiosis between man and nature.. When Ye Tao came to Villa 14 not far away, he saw a woman in a thin sportswear walking slowly under the woods in front of him, stretching her arms back and forth, as if she was in some kind of exercise. As soon as Ye Tao looked at this figure, he smiled, and at this time he remembered why he was so familiar with the Maple Leaf Garden Villa when he heard it. It turns out that Qiao Lan lives in this villa area. Looking at Qiao Lan's posture, Ye Tao looked around and saw that there was no one walking around. He was so happy that he played tricks on him. He stepped forward quietly and came to Qiao Lan's back silently. He turned over and took out a lighter. He put it against Qiao Lan's waist and said in a deep voice, "Kidnapping, don't turn back. If you want to turn back, I'll kill you." Qiao blue body a stiff, pretty face is immediately a pale, the heart is very nervous, but really dare not look back, because she knows a lot of kidnappers, the most taboo is to see the true face of the kidnapper, the only puzzling is how the kidnapper entered the villa area. Although the heart is very nervous, but after all, she also saw a lot of big scenes, took a deep breath, "you want money, I can give you, I hope you don't hurt me." "You can rest assured that our kidnappers have professional ethics. As long as you are obedient,warehouse pallet racks, everything can be discussed. Now take me to Villa 15 immediately, and you pretend as if nothing had happened." Ye Tao was very happy in his heart, but he said with a voice in his mouth.