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The strongest abandons less

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But he had no mind to explain these things, as soon as he arrived in Nan'anzhou. He had already sent a flying sword back, but there was no news from the flying sword until now, and he had been worried for a long time. Just when Xie Youhuai wanted to ask, he found that the flying magic weapon at his feet trembled. She looked at him subconsciously, only to find that he was looking excitedly at the lawn in front of him. There stood a young girl in a light blue dress. Dad At the same time, Yimo saw the slowing down, and immediately called out in surprise and rushed up. Although the master was very kind to her, she always felt homesick. Now that she saw her father, suddenly the melancholy disappeared without a trace, and she had a home again. Holding her daughter in her arms, she suddenly felt much more relaxed. Yimo has grown up a little, but she is still the little girl of that year. He finally did not have to worry about his daughter, as long as he returned to the city of Moyue, back to his side, that would be good. Feeling her father's excitement, Yimo suddenly regretted that she should have gone with Jingwen. Although Master was very kind to her, she had not seen her father for so many years. Instead, Sister Jingwen saw her father first, and. When Yimo thought of this, he suddenly felt that he could no longer be called Sister Jingwen. Dad, I'm sorry. I should have asked Master to bring me back to you earlier. Yimo sobbed in her arms,Pallet rack beams, knowing that her father had searched the whole of Beiwangzhou in order to find her. It's all right, just come back. He looked up and saw Song Yingzhu, Luo Ying and Su Jingwen standing in the distance waiting for him to meet Yimo. Kui came back, Yimo also came back, and everyone was even more delighted to meet. Song Yingzhu eyebrows that a trace of sadness has long disappeared, she is only concerned about is the memory of ink, now the memory of ink is all right, then everything is fine. They deliberately do not return to the news of the flying sword,heavy duty warehouse rack, in order to let Yimo wait here to give a surprise. Now after Ye Mo and Yi Mo had met, they gathered around one after another, and the atmosphere was even warmer. He introduced Xie Youhuai to everyone. Xie Youhuai saw that Yimo had found his father, but her father did not know whether he was alive or dead. He was depressed again. Remembering another thing, Yimo quickly took out a ring and handed it to him, saying, "Dad, this is what I left for you to eat." Kui took the ring, and the divine consciousness immediately swept a pile of'blue roses' inside. 'Blue Rose Fruit 'is a six-level spirit fruit, which tastes extremely delicious and is abundant in many places in Wuxin Sea. At the beginning, there were a large number of this kind of spirit fruit in Jiaoteng Palace, in order to entertain distinguished guests. Ye Mo touched Yimo's hair and felt more and more happy. He helped Yimo leave all kinds of spiritual fruits, and also left twelve'thunder sea beads'. The daughter also remembered him and left so many'blue roses' for him. This'Thunder Sea God Bead 'was originally thirty-six, but it was a pity that there were only twelve in Soan Mountain, and he snatched it. But these'thunder sea beads', Narrow aisle rack ,heavy duty racking system, but did not intend to give Yimo now, and so on back, he will not only help Yimo to re-customize the practice method, but also teach her the thunder sword magic. At that time, he gave the twelve'Thunder Sea God Beads' to Yimo. He believed that with Yimo's thunder skills and his transformation and customization, the twelve'Thunder Sea God Beads' were much more powerful in Yimo's hands than in Soan Mountain's hands. He suddenly thought of Tang Mengrao, who had brought Yimo back, and immediately asked, "Didn't Headmaster Tang send Yimo back?"? Why don't you see her? It is reasonable to say that Tang Mengrao invited himself to destroy the nine-headed devouring insects, and he should come over at the first time. "Entrusted by Shibo Mingxin, Aunt Tang went to the Ruthless Valley to see Chin Mu-hsin." Yimo hurriedly said that Tang Mengrao sent her back to her parents in Nan'anzhou, and she was very grateful. By the way, is your master a monk in a grey robe, with nine layers of cultivation? Kui thought of the true monk who had been chased by Hong Yi before. "Yes, Dad," said Yimo hurriedly, "you didn't have a conflict with my master, did you?" He smiled. "How could it be? He was being hunted down and killed, and I did him a favor." "I knew it." Yimo immediately said, "Jingwen and I.." My aunt was practicing. He knocked down a mountain and said he was better than you. Now that I think of it, he lied to me.
Dad, you should have been a true monk at that time, right? He shook his head and said, "No, he didn't lie to you. At that time, he was really better than me." At that time, he estimated that he was just building a foundation for cultivation, and the master of Yimo was already a true cultivation, obviously not a little bit more powerful than him. Your master is very kind to you. With your aptitude, your master must have spent a lot of money to be promoted to the virtual God at this age. He knew that although the spiritual root of Yimo was very good, it was far less than that of Qingxue and others, not to mention those gifted monks in Nan'anzhou. So he was sure that Yimo's master had spent a lot of money on Yimo, otherwise, Yimo would not have been promoted so fast. Yimo hastened to say, "Yes, Shifu is the best for me. I can't use up all my elixirs, spiritual stones and all kinds of things to practice." Seeing that the father and daughter could not finish their words at all, Song Yingzhu hurriedly came over and said, "Let's go back first." Only then did he smile apologetically at Luo Ying and Qingxue, and everyone came over and hugged him. After returning to the city of Moyue, he began to teach Yimo the new method of cultivation, and then gave Yimo the twelve'Thunder Sea God Beads'. The original magic weapon of Yimo is a genuine weapon, which is a good magic weapon relative to Yimo. But compared to the twelve'Thunder Sea God Beads', that Lei Suo is too bad, he can refine something better than this. As soon as Yimo looked at the twelve'Thunder Sea God Beads', he was very happy. She is also a big improvement in equipment, from inside to outside, the flying real machine has become the best. Kui preferred Yimo,radio shuttle racking, almost all the good things were kept for his daughter, that is, Song Yingzhu and others were jealous.