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Step by step guide for writing college admission essays

College admission essays are a very important component these days while applying for admission to any college. Other than your academic grades, the essay gives the admission officer exposure to your personality, which might give you an edge over other applicants. In most cases students come from identical educational backgrounds, therefore, this essay provides a chance to make a positively strong impression on the admission officer. This is why the essay is also referred to as a personal statement since it reflects your personality.

To write a university essay, you need to be an outstanding [essay writer]( Many applicants do not take university essays seriously, as they think they have the writing skills required for an admission essay. You can always approach a professional essay writer, if you lack extraordinary writing skills, as you should not ignore the importance of admission essays.  This blog also contains useful suggestions for helping you in writing the admission essay.

Tips to write an outstanding college admission essay

Reading and understanding the instruction thoroughly:

1. In some cases, it is observed that the applicants make haste while reading the instructions. However, you will have to be very precise while reading the instructions. For instance, you might be instructed to write an essay of 500 words. Therefore, your essay should be somewhere between 495-505 words, no more no less. The instructions sometimes narrow down the focus of your essay, for example, you might be asked to write about an important event of your life in this sort of essay. Therefore, you are supposed to explain that event, which changed your perspective of life. Reading the instructions carefully will also help you in outlining your essay.

2. Start early so you have more time to refine the essay:** Do not leave your essay for the last minute, since you might not get enough time to improve your essay or find loopholes at the end. Starting early will also save you from many regrets. Make a legitimate design prior to composing the exposition:However, if you might be dealing with other important schedules, therefore ask a professional to [write my essay]( since you are unable to allocate sufficient time for the essay.

3. Make a proper layout before writing the essay:** In the layout, you must align your essay with the provided instructions, from the very first paragraph till the last paragraph. In the outline, note down everything in bullet points that you want to mention in your essay. For instance,

* In the first paragraph, give a brief introduction of yourself, your family background, your performance in high school, subjects of your interest, etc.
* In the second paragraph, tell about the important events that influenced your life and how your personality evolved, etc.
* In the third paragraph, write about your strengths and weaknesses, how you stand out from the rest, also mention your internships, co-curricular activities, if you have ever done a part-time job or any other achievement in your academic or personal life.
* In the fourth paragraph, explain your plans for the future, the goals you have set in your life and how the college you are applying for is important to achieve your goals, and how you want to contribute to society.

Once you have completed the outline in the above-mentioned format, all you have to do now is to elaborate according to the bullet points in detail.

1. Write the essay: After you have read the instructions and made up an outline for your essay, the writing process of your essay will become easier for you. While writing, keep the following points in your mind:

* Be truthful: While being dishonest or exaggerating, you should keep in mind that the admission officers would cross-check your essay with your other academic records. They might even call you for an interview where they might ask you the same questions, while you may fail to provide the same answers.
* Try to be positive and creative, while avoiding expressing your negative thoughts about the world and life.
* Add a little humor to your essay so that the admission officers do not get bored while reading your essay. It will also make your essay unforgettable for them.
* Express your passion for achieving something positive through your educational journey that will make you a better version of yourself. Your motivation to keep on struggling to become a better person will help you to stand out among others. 
* Mention the challenges you have faced so far and how you overcome those challenges. Tell them, what important lessons from those challenges have you learned in your life. This will make them think about you as a problem-solver.
* Mention the community service that you have done as a volunteer will make them regard you as an empathetic person, who can work for the betterment of the society in future.
* Traveling if you like to explore the world, what you have explored so far, what you like about traveling etc. On the contrary, you can avail this service from [paper writing service]( as per your own demands. 

1. Review and proofread:
At this stage, you might find your essay a bit bland, therefore hire an [essay writing service]( to save you from the immense stress due to an incomplete essay.