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Today, Liu Zaishi's "Family Birth" and Jiang Hudong's "Strong Heart" are the main variety shows produced by Shinhan, and the two hosts of dechocolatee & TF have not won glory for their own projects, which must be very depressing. Lin Weiran did not know whether Liu Zaishi had been paid or not. If so, it only proves two things. The first is that dechocolatee & TF does not want to let go of the cash cow it has cultivated. The second is the affection after more than ten years of cooperation. President Lin, please take this back. Liu Zaishi pushed the white envelope back in front of Lin Weiran, changing the title to show his serious attitude. Lin Weiran also did not insist, put the envelope back in his pocket and laughed at himself: "I prepared a lot of speeches before I came.". I didn't expect that dechocolatee & TF could still offer you a salary in Shige under the extreme shrinkage of assets caused by the withdrawal of several investors. Liu Zaishi suddenly asked, "What are you going to do if I take the money?"? As far as I know, even if I will give the company a share, the money will be handed over to the company to go through the accounts first. s ♂♂ [Volume 1 Dove occupies Magpie Nest 325 ratings] (41, complete in the fourth watch, a little later in the second watch today.) Kim Tae-yeon sent a text message and turned off her cell phone, deliberately selling a pass to make Lin Weiran anxious, she even leisurely stretched, still a little green figure reflected in the floor mirror of the practice room gently swaying. From the mirror, she saw Yoon,massage bathtub manufacturers, who was sleeping with her back against the wall. Before her eyes were complicated, she noticed Xu Xian's unusually concerned eyes. She smiled and turned to Xu Xian. Seo Hyun stood up hurriedly and said, "Sister Taeyeon." "I was caught by you. I'm not nervous. What are you nervous about?" Kim Tae-yeon kept smiling, especially put his voice down, but he still had to raise his chin a little to see Seo Hyun's eyes. Speaking of stature is naturally the eternal pain in Kim Tae-yeon's heart. Fortunately, there is sunny at the bottom, and he can console himself on weekdays. Only this youngest,jacuzzi suppliers, obviously the youngest, is the second in the team, except for the natural big Cui Xiuying. Kim Tae-yeon is most jealous of her. Thinking of this, she could not help sighing softly: "Oh, we Xu Xian are so tall." Kim Tae-yeon not only said, but also subconsciously used his hand to compare, Seo Hyun instinctively dodged, so that Kim Tae-yeon's hand hung in midair, for a time between the two a little unknown embarrassment, but a few seconds later, the reddish-cheeked Seo Hyun sent his head back. Kim Tae-yeon chuckled. Instead of touching Seo Hyun's head as usual, she put down her hand and continued to ask with a smile: "What else do you know besides knowing I have a boyfriend?" Xu Xian shook his head without the slightest hesitation. Kim Tae-yeon breathed a sigh of relief, jacuzzi swim spa ,endless pool factory, as a self-consolation, these days Seo Hyun and Yoon spent more and more time together, and even went out together in their spare time. Every time I go back to Yoon, I have to pull Seo Hyun to talk all the time. Cui Xiuying, who is extremely curious about gossip, wants to go in and get involved, but every time she is turned away. Even Quan Youli, who shares a bedroom with Yoon, feels left out. In addition to complaining about Yoon's cheating, this fool also wants to pull Seo Hyun's roommate Kim Hyo-won to perform some bitter idol drama at work. But Jin Xiaoyuan is still mixed with Quan Youli, and they amuse themselves, which makes Zheng Xiuyan very dissatisfied. The vindictive often plays together with sunny, even patted Kim Tae-yeon's buttocks in the last public performance, and has the ambition to get over the title of pervert in Girls' Generation. Play is play, but work can not be delayed. After changing the dormitory, Tiffany lived in a single room, fearing that the news would arouse the suspicion of her fans. Kim Tae-yeon was always with her these days. At the same time, she had to let this interesting "climbing the wall", "love triangle", "red apricot out of the wall" and so on not break away from the harmless category, but also go out with the company for a small amount of entertainment. We also need to finalize a series of tour details with the concert production company.
Busy to busy, but Kim Tae-yeon is still very happy, girlhood is flourishing, emotional also do not have to face the knot, compared to Kim Tae-yeon once felt that this period of time is very good, but Seo Hyun this happened to be a problem. Kim Tae-yeon, who did not know when and where she was caught, was completely unprepared. When Seo Hyun came to her to check the truth, Kim Tae-yeon was obsessed with confirming it. Willing to be driven by that kind of woman's nature. Sitting by the wall with Seo Hyun. While the choreographer is still chattering with a few underachievers, Kim Tae-yeon needs to avoid future trouble. Do you know who he is? "Sister's boyfriend?" "Yes." Kim Tae-yeon nodded to confirm. I don't know. I just happened to see your sister leaning on his shoulder. In front of Kim Tae-yeon, Seo Hyun answered. Xu Xian is not a person who can lie, because he knows from an early age that lying is not a good child like everyone else. But the difference is that she completely carries out this statement in her life, even if it is no longer a compliment to be said to be a child by the end of June next year. But today is different. Her face was not red, her heart was not beating, and there was no flaw in her expression or tone. With the appearance shown in the past, such Seo Hyun can win the trust of Kim Tae-yeon. Kim Tae-yeon played hard to get: "Do you want to know?" Xu Xian's answer was unexpected: "If you can.". I want to see him with my sister. "Why?" Kim Tae-yeon's question blurted out. Seo Hyun did the same for Yoon: "Help you check." Kim Tae-yeon laughed and felt more relaxed. "You've never been in love," she said casually. "How do you know a man?" "If he's a man like my sister, then I can rest assured." Xu Xian said half sincerely and half strivingly. Kim Tae-yeon looked at Seo Hyun in a daze, somewhat puzzled. My sister said that if she was a man, she would be a good boyfriend. So if this man can be more like his sister,whirlpool hot tub, he will be a very good boyfriend. Xu Xian, this sentence is not in the plan, I do not know how to blurt out.