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Submitted by irinafocun on Fri, 11/27/2020 - 17:15

Increase your profits with effective money management in sports betting at Runbet Kenya - here we show you how. Many sports bettors are aware of this problem: you often have the right nose and give successful betting tips, but in the long run, the profit is low. Problem: Wrong, or worse, lack of money management. We want to show you how you can use established betting systems and the correct calculation of sports betting bets to generate more profitable profits.

Why is money management so important and what principles should be followed?

Winning bets at Betting in Kenya alone do not automatically translate into long-term profits. This is mainly due to the random selection of bets. In addition, they are often set too high. Lack of money management in sports betting is usually a fundamental problem. Therefore, you should set a fixed betting budget in advance, that is, an amount that will only be used for sports betting. This amount cannot be increased indiscriminately, and it should serve for self-control, constantly monitoring your financial structure. Next, we want you to use various money management betting strategies that seek to manage your betting budget intelligently. Depending on your personality type, these individual systems will suit you more or less. Always remember: each of the strategies presented is better than driving without a system. Money management in sports betting has two main goals: on the one hand, you need to increase your winnings, and on the other hand, you should avoid the worst-case scenario, which is a complete loss of your betting budget.

How can you determine your bet size using money management betting strategies?

Be it beginners, advanced or experts - successful sports bettors have developed their preferred money management strategies with which they can generate long-term profits. You are asking yourself a key question: What should be the rates to maximize profits and avoid too much loss? This question of the correct bet size entails many specific modifications and variations of well-known money management strategies that we cannot all consider in the context of this article. We would like to introduce you to the most commonly used betting systems, each of which has its own advantages. Sometimes risks creep in, which of course we also want to emphasize.

Fixed rate money management

This money management system is also described as fixed rate betting. It is an extremely simple system that is appreciated by many sports betting professionals due to its simplicity and large margin of safety. Above all, it is important to trust your own recognition and the calculation of overweight bets! With this strategy, as a sports bettor, you have to be right about most - that is, more than 50% - of your bets if you want to bet on balanced odds with an average of 2.00. Therefore, each bet should be carefully considered. First of all, you should set a certain percentage of your available betting budget as your base rate. Determine: Many experts consider 1-2% as the optimal guideline. Assuming a total betting budget of € 1,000, and using 1.5% of the budget as the base rate, that would mean € 15 per tip. To show you what the advantage of flat bets is, we have a quick example: you play 150 bets of 15 euros each. To simplify the example, we always assume a constant rate of 2.00. Now let's summarize:

- Won 90 bets
- 60 bets lost
- Rate 15 euros
- Updated betting budget of 1450 euros

Suppose you now increase your base rate and receive 1.5% of the "new" budget. In this case, it will be 21.75 euros. Now you play 150x again, but you are less fortunate than last time.

- Won 70 bets
- 80 bets lost
- Rate 21.75 euros
- Updated account balance EUR 1082.50

If you had stayed with the original bet, which is 15 euros, your betting budget would be 1200 euros, which is 117.50 euros more. Logically, in both scenarios we have the same probability of success - 53.33%.