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Solitary fish go to leisure alone

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The fish slave asked her, "What will they say to you?" Jiao Niang laughed and said, "What else can I do? But I'm lucky to be able to serve the King of Qin." Fish slave listening to her foul language, is very worried, and angry, the two armies against each other, why should the woman be maimed? "It's over. We're just a cheap life. What can King Su do? Can he break his face with those barbarians for us?" Jinhuan said dejectedly. Don't say that. Your Highness, King Su, will not ignore it. Said the fish slave. Just when he was worried, Nian Nian came back, accompanied by Lin Jiang. Nian Nian's hair was scattered and his body smelled of alcohol. Seeing the concern of the fish slave, he smiled softly: "I'm all right. Thanks to Lin Jiang's rescue, I was able to escape." Fish slave is also grateful to look at Lin Jiang, this is what a man of Miansong should look like, can not help but respect. As if seeing the savior, Jiao Niang knelt down and kowtowed: "Lord Lin, you have to save us." The girls in the camp immediately raised their hopes and begged Lord Lin to save their lives. Lin Jiang looked at the girls and felt pity for them. "Don't worry," he sighed. "The court will not ignore you. Don't be impatient. Don't be impatient." SuWang account, the envoys have just gone, Liangzhou came again, QingFeng floor and swallow floor gather north qi people and general Zhang, has captured the end of the cool mansion, killed the solid Rong general Chen yuanzhao, retake the north qi was solid Rong occupied state county, general Zhang is with the army to Leizhou, prince of Zhao also led the troops to come, and solid Rong king sick, time is running out, Xiao Changding is still in the dark, There is a lot of good news today. After another three or five days of delay, Xiao Changding would have to retreat even if he did not retreat, and he could not take advantage of it at all. Only then did Mo Qi put his heart at ease. He began to feel tired and breathed a sigh of relief. Four sons told Mo Qi about Lin Jiang in the account of the King of Qin. Lin Jiang broke into Xiao Changding's camp in order to save Nian Nian. His courage was commendable, but the name was so familiar that Si'er described its origin. Only then did Mo Qi remember the scholar who had a lot of entanglements with the fish slave. The city of Liangzhou is too small. Mo Qi laughed at himself. Alas, "Mo Qi sighed. It's still a pleasure to do business. War is too complicated.". He got up and walked toward the prison camp. In the dead of night, he wanted to sleep. Mo Qi stood in front of the camp, hesitating,Ceramic Bobbin, and finally turned around and walked away. In a few days, he would take you back. After a night of trepidation, the next day the Gurong camp was solemn. In the afternoon, the fish slave heard the noise outside the tent. Jiao Niang ran in happily and said, "The Gurong people are going to withdraw their troops." As soon as everyone heard this, they were all happy. Some girls cried with joy. After leaving home for several days, they were finally able to go back. When Lin Jiang lifted the door curtain, he was also kind. Jin Huan looked at him with admiration in his eyes. Lin Jiang held the hand of the fish slave and said, "It's all right. Gu Rong has promised to withdraw his troops. Let's go back to Liangzhou together." Only then did the fish slave relax and hold Lin Jiang tightly, leaving tears. In the evening, there was still no movement. Everyone was sleepy. Suddenly, many solid soldiers came in, urging and shouting to let everyone go on the road. They all thought they were going home. Everyone was very happy for a while. When they got out of the camp, they found that many Miansong people were chained, unkempt, mostly women. They followed the team for a long time. Everyone noticed something was wrong and began to panic. They are going back to Gurong. Someone in the crowd shouted, "I'm not going, I'm not going.". Solid army fighters line around, will be surrounded by captives, 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,steatite c221, a restless, is the broadsword and whip to serve. The fish slave only felt the chill pressing, want to come, these women will be like booty to be brought back to GuRong, the court, can not count on. None of them broke free easily. He whispered to the fish slave, "It seems that Lord Lin and His Royal Highness King Su have no hope. They can only rely on themselves." She quietly untied the chain for the fish slave, looked at the gold ring and others, whispered: "I go to explore, think of a way, we escape together." Fish slave sighs: "If can go, you go, I want to go with them." Gu Rong's road did not stop, waving his whip, urging everyone to move forward. Everyone was suffering unspeakably, immersed in boundless despair. Jiao Niang suddenly began to sing, her voice was deep and trembling: "My son Lang, I hope my father and mother come back late. My mother is not beside me. Little Ah Huang of the slave family accompanies me every day." Hearing this, everyone could not help crying.
She talked about her daughter, only five years old, raised in a relative's home, very lonely, if no longer their own, how pitiful. Everyone is reminded of his own sorrow. A moment of sadness is everywhere. Holding back his tears, the fish slave said, "We can only rely on ourselves now. No one will come to save us." "It's better to fight hard than to wait for death. Life is in your own hands." The fish slave said calmly, looked around the crowd, and put his eyes on Wuyi, Wuyi hands behind his back, head held high, eyes squinting, "I only help you open this chain, can you run to fate." "You see, there are woods on both sides of the road, and there are mountains not far away. It's just right to hide in the night. Gu Rongjun is in such a hurry that he won't chase him to death. If he doesn't go at this time, when will he wait?" Said the fish slave. We need to stick together to have a chance of survival. Not one by one unshackled, some people are willing to fight to the death, some people are still lucky, think the court will come to save themselves, think the captive people, the solid army people will not die, the crowd is talking, solid army soldiers suspicious, pace the horse to check. The fish slave motioned to Wu Yi: "Forget it. Those who are willing to go will go. Wu Yi, let's go." No one came forward, cold light a knife to kill, two people took the opportunity to seize the weapon, looking at the fish slave, horse, fish slave will read to help, go. None of them broke through the encirclement of Gu Rong and led the crowd to run like a roadside forest. The fish slave waved his spear and protected him. Gradually, the soldiers of Gu Rong surrounded him. The fish slave waved and shouted, "Go quickly.". All of a sudden, the crowd became restless, and everyone tried to break free and escape in the chaos. All of a sudden, there was a mess. There were cries, shouts, the crackling of whips,ceramic welding tape, and the hoofbeats of the Gurong Army. There was a mess of shouts and cries. None rode a horse and gradually escaped from the pursuit of the Gu Rong Army. The others had already scattered everywhere and ran as fast as they could. The Gu Rong Army was in hot pursuit. None put down his thoughts and rode back. Seeing the fierce pursuit of the Gu Rong Army, several girls turned pale with fright and were about to be caught. None stopped the Gu Yong Army with a knife: "Run quickly, fool." 。