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Shadow of the Sacred Heart

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Jia Shaoyou said, "If the Luo family really had a'jade toad 'and really wanted to take it as a prize, I'm afraid the belly of the'jade toad' would be empty, and the'hidden picture 'would have been taken out long ago." Yan Zifeng was in a daze and said, "Yes, it's possible. Why didn't the old man think of it.." Jia Shaoyou suddenly changed the subject and said, "How did Laozhang know that there was a'jade toad 'in the Luo family and that he wanted to use it as a prize?" Yan Zifeng's expression shook slightly, "Oh!" With a cry, he hurriedly said, "This.." Rumors in Jianghu have moved half the sky. Who doesn't know? Who doesn't know? "But I don't know who was the first to hear the news," said Jia Shaoyou. Yan Zifeng shook his head and said, "I don't know." Jia Shaoyou said lightly, "I hope it's not one of the Luo family!" Yan Zifeng was stunned. He immediately nodded and said, "That's right. Otherwise, this plot would be too terrible.." Jia Shaoyou shook his head and said, "Laozhang, it doesn't seem to be the case. If the news doesn't come from the Luo family's own people, the plot is not small. I'm afraid the Luo family will become the second innocent victim after Xiahou Lan in the'Jade Toad 'storm!" Yan Zifeng turned his eyes and said, "Brother, how do you know that Xiahou Lan is innocent?" Jia Shaoyou's expression shook slightly. Then he said lightly, "If Xiahou Lan is not innocent, who will believe that there is a'jade toad 'in the Luo family?" Yan Zifeng was in a daze and said, "I hope Xiahou Lan is innocent, but I can't believe he's innocent!" Jia Shaoyou laughed and said, "Laozhang's words are hard to understand." Yan Zifeng said,ultrasonic metal welding, "The old man hopes that Xiahou Lan is innocent. In this way, he can become famous and stand firm to avenge his hatred and clear away his grievances. The old man can't believe that he is innocent. That's because even the five sects that never come out lightly.." "Laozhang!" "The latter is not difficult to explain," said Jia Shaoyou. "Who is not jealous of the'Jade Toad '? Just a few words to provoke, plus Jinling'Dong family 'full of'one broken finger' fatal wounds, how can the five sects not believe? "I hope it's as I said.." said Yan Zifeng. After talking for a moment, suddenly a trace of fish belly through the screen window, ears also heard the distant cock crow, dare to love the night is over, the east is bright! Two people face each other,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, suddenly laugh, but is not the slightest sense of tiredness! Yan Zifeng said with a smile, "a thousand words are too few for a bosom friend. I don't know Dongfang Bai in an instant. Brother.." Jia Shaoyou stood up with a smile and said, "It's time for me to leave after a night's disturbance." Yan Zifeng did not ask him to stay. He stood up and said, "Brother, when will you and I go to Qinhuai together?" "I've got some work to do," said Jia Shaoyou. "Well, let's meet by the Qinhuai River tonight.." Yan Zifeng nodded and said, "It's all right. Fortunately, the Qinhuai River is just one night. Although it's hard to avoid a lot of people, I can't find my brother. It's easy for my brother to go. Forgive me for not seeing him off." Jia Shaoyou said modestly and went out with his hand! Out of the corner of his eye, he saw that the two doors in the next room were still closed, and it was obvious that Miss Yan had not yet got up! Although not to send, Yan Zifeng, after all, still sent out of the door, standing outside the door, ultrasonic extraction cbd ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, looking at the long back of Jia Shaoyou, his mouth filled with a strange smile! And at the right time, Jia Shaoyou's lips also appeared so a trace. When Jia Shaoyou returned to the backyard, he did not go back to his room to sleep for a while, but went out of the inn gate with his hands on his back! On the street in the morning, a desolate, every household closed the door, the street rarely see a few pedestrians, then there is, that is also to catch up with the morning market! The street is full of scraps of paper, one or two wild dogs, quiet and desolate! He stood at the door of the inn, took a long breath of the fresh, cool air, and then walked down the street! But as soon as he turned a corner, he stopped! And, in a twinkling of an eye, a man followed him around the corner, and it was the tall, thin, gloomy, middle-aged man in black who had stopped him last night! As soon as he saw Jia Shaoyou standing at the corner of the street with his hands behind his back, he stopped in surprise and said with a dry smile, "How early are you, Master Jia?" Jia Shaoyou smiled faintly and said, "It's not too late for you, sir. You're in a hurry. What can I do for you?" "Buy me some snacks," said the tall, thin man in black.
Jia Shaoyou said with a faint smile, "There is a snack bar across the street from the inn. Please tell your superiors that this is not an exchange of courage and courage to make friends. If you want me to cooperate, don't send someone to follow you again." Words fall, turn around and go straight ahead! The sullen face of the tall, thin man in black suddenly turned red. Embarrassed, he stared at Jia Shaoyou's back and turned back! Jia Shaoyou smiled and suddenly sped up his pace! Moments later, he arrived at the Confucius Temple in Gongyuan Street! At this time, the "Confucius Temple" was particularly desolate and calm, with only one or two pickers carrying baskets chasing the scraps of paper all over the street! Jia Shaoyou turned his eyes and walked over. As he approached, he coughed lightly: "This one.." The man who picked up the rotten paper looked up in surprise! Jia Shaoyou then said, "I want to ask a person, either Qin Liu or Tie Niu. Where do they live?" "Go to the Qinhuai River," said the paper picker. "The two of them are in bed on the boat, sleeping with their old lover in their arms." Jia Shaoyou frowned slightly, said thank you, and turned to the "Qinhuai River"! On the bank of the Qinhuai River, I saw the painted boats moored quietly in the river. At this time, it was always hard to hear a sound and smell a little powder fragrance. Only the muddy water of the river flowed eastward! Which boat is it? Where is the gentle village? Jia Shaoyou stood by the river and frowned! Suddenly, with a sound, the cabin window of a boat opened, and a woman's head with a dark cloud and a yellow face was seen. "Wow!" With a sound, a basin of dirty water was poured into the river outside the window! As she took it into the toilet and shrank back, she caught a glimpse of a man standing on the bank of the river. She was stunned for a moment. Jia Shaoyou took advantage of the situation and said, "Excuse me, girl, where does Qin Liu live?" There was such a coincidence in the world. As soon as Jia Shaoyou finished talking, the pink head quickly drew back. In a twinkling of an eye,ultrasonic generator driver, the window poked its head out again. It was Qin Liu. He opened his sleepy eyes and looked at the shore. He asked vaguely, "Who is it? It's early in the morning.." Jia Shaoyou said with a smile, "Gentleness doesn't live anywhere. Brother Six is enviable. It's me!"