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Sexy Tongue Of Love doll - for an amazing BJ

Submitted by aldollsale on Mon, 01/09/2023 - 22:04

Every man will never turn down an passionate BJ and especially when it comes from his perfect sexual doll. Naturally, the shape of the sexy aperture is one of the reasons this kind of behavior is so sexually attractive with the model. With the add-on 'Sexy Tongue it will make the encounter with your doll more enjoyable!

Depending on the brand of the sex doll the heartthrob you choose to purchase will include a tongue built-in or it can be purchased separately from the purchase. In the second case it's easy to put the tongue however deep you'd like into the mouths of your brand new doll. Since it's constructed entirely from TPE it's easy to maintain and can be cleaned using mild soap and warm water after a BJ just like you would wash your silicone doll or TPE doll.

The tongue provides the French-style style of lovemaking an extra boost that will give you a more authentic experience with your mini sex doll of choice!

The Hollow Breasts are Breasts that have a an organic feel

A true doll is all about making everything appear and feel as real as is possible. The choice of silicone or TPE will ensure that, naturally. Naturally the breasts on your beloved realistic sex dolls are composed of soft, smooth silicone or TPE.

If your doll has large breasts, it might be that they are quite firm due to the volume of fabric required. If you'd like the natural feeling of big breasts, we suggest the 'Hollow breasts' option. This creates a cavity in the breasts which can't be seen. If you press your sex doll's beautiful breasts, they will feel lovely and soft. This is due to the fact that the TPE is now able to fill the cavity.

Through Hollow Breasts, the Hollow Breasts setting, you can get good grasp on the breasts of your doll, making your experience with your real doll more authentic!