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Sex dolls are an alternative and a way to fulfill real life

Submitted by aldollsale on Fri, 12/30/2022 - 21:25

Sex dolls are an alternative and a way to fulfill real life
We were born alone. Friends, lovers and family members may die and leave the world, while dolls will.

I was stunned when photos of Eva taken by the South Korean artist June Korea appeared. Eva is a teen sex doll made of silicone who is his imaginary girlfriend. They have a night of sleep as well as went shopping together. They enjoyed picnicking together, as real couples. The photos aren't pornographic, but they do convey an unimaginable feeling of isolation.

Here's what He stated:

I've been making sex doll since 2002 due to the isolation.

I don't lack socializing. However, when I get up in a room by myself, return home after work or parties or sit in the crowd I am lonely.

When I was a kid I believed the people I loved were never going to leave me and that my memories will never disappear. However, I discovered that, over time I had lost them all the same.

While I was studying arts in New York, I experienced having a breakup with my friend at the time. At the time I was mulling the idea of putting Eva as my dream girlfriend and taking photos of her. The people will go away but Eva will never disappear. If I keep everything in my imaginary universe, the world will be everlasting.

I devoted myself to photographing Eva for two years. I spent almost all day long with her. We slept, went out shopping and enjoyed a picnic with her. We laughed and cried. We were at peace or lonely.

People would look at us with astonishment and then someone would appear and kiss Eva But I didn't pay attention. I was aware that this bond wasn't genuine. The feeling of loneliness was always a fact that I was unable to remove. If you do, however this bbw sex doll, it will be in your life for the rest of time and will never go away.

In actuality, sex toys can be a substitute for the real world. It's a lot like psychological love, however, it is more likely to control and control people. There are times when you may experience difficulties in your real life and may find it difficult to build a strong relationship, or perhaps you have a psychological need that are not met in the real world. So, in the virtual world the fantasy part is possible to satisfy.

A few people might not be able express their desires to a partner in real life however, they can get pleasure from a mini sex doll. Of course, realistic sex doll aren't able to substitute for the real person, however, they can help our users to satiate some of their feelings, ease their hurt, heal their wounds and fulfill some of their emotional needs.