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Secret Agent Imperial Concubine: Feng dominates the world

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Tears, slowly condensed, because of his treatment, but also because of the disgust in his eyes. Seeing the tears on her face, the disgust on his face deepened. "Go outside." Su Mo refers to the outside of the bed curtain, which is only half a foot away from the bed. Still in the house. Hua June is the daughter of the mighty general Hua Riding. With Hua Riding, he can't go too far. Today, he must invite her. Although he doesn't want to touch her, she can only spend it in his bedroom. Hua Jun can only be his favorite concubine, just like her sister, Xue Guifei, who is his favorite concubine. Su Mo did not look again at the naked woman who was huddled together and squatting outside the bed curtain. He lay on the bed and rested himself. During the day to deal with state affairs, but also with the general and the prime minister battle of wits, has made him physically and mentally exhausted, he must have a good rest. Qin Lan fell in front of the flowers in June, watching her from heartache to heartbreak and then to the death of the heart; Looked at her eyes, from high spirits, to a dead ash; Looking at her tears, from the beginning of one or two drops, slowly into a string, and finally into one, and then, slowly, into one or two drops, until no more drops. Watch her skin change from white to blue, from warm to cold. Watching her from the beginning of the tremor, to the end of the tremor into a ball, and finally, finally fell to the ground, fainted. 3 ~ Calm down! Watching a woman commit suicide (1) Days, gray, Qin Lan saw Su Mo woke up, he woke up, first looked around, then looked to the place where the flowers were in June. As soon as I saw the flowers curled up together in June, lying naked on the ground,brushless gear motor, not knowing whether they were alive or dead, I was in a hurry. In a twinkling of an eye, he came to the flower June and carried her to bed. When he reached the nose of Hua June, he breathed a sigh of relief and immediately pulled up the quilt for her before announcing the doctor. Imperial physician is a flower beard old man, Su Mo did not let him avoid what, directly put the flower June's hand out of the quilt, exposed half of the forearm. The doctor said that she had a cold, which was quite serious, and that she should take good care of herself, take medicine and so on. Su Mo was very unhappy, especially after the doctor left, he stared at the flowers in June. A troublesome woman. Immediately, he called the Chamberlain outside, "An Hai." "The slave is here." "Find two reliable ladies to wait on the imperial concubine." An Hai was stunned and immediately answered, "The slave is going to do it." The emperor speaks concisely, but these slaves dare not think concisely. The emperor's simple words can show two meanings. This first, of course, is the third young lady of the flower family. From now on, Planetary Gear Motor ,Micro Gear Motor, she is the moon imperial concubine. She is of the same rank as her sister, the snow imperial concubine. They are all ordinary people in this palace. Second, that is, this month the imperial concubine's illness, must not let other people know. An Hai in the side of the emperor is not a day or two, can mix to the position of the general manager, is not a thing that does not understand? How could he not see the emperor's scruples about General Hua Qi? General Hua Qi holds the military power of the country, which emperor will not be comfortable. The two imperial concubines of the flower family, whether true or false now, are the people in the heart of the emperor. As for their results, everything is waiting for the emperor to get the military power in his hands! Qin Lan is floating around in the bedroom. Two little ladies of the court, one named Blue and the other named Green, were waiting for the flowers to take medicine in June. Until the whole bedroom hall really can not stroll, Qin Lan simply lying beside the flowers in June, looking at the two little maids. 4 ~ Calm down! Watching a Woman Commit Suicide The two ladies of the court were not very old. They were thirteen or fourteen years old. They were extroverted and chattered incessantly. Green was introverted and blushed when she spoke, even when she talked to Blue. Probably, these two people are not familiar with each other. Hua Jun didn't wake up until night. As soon as she woke up, the emperor's decree to make her the imperial concubine of the moon came down, and by the way, he gave her her own bedroom, the "Green Lotus Hall.". Hear the green lotus hall, the flowers in June have no reaction, but blue and green are looking at each other, an incredible look. See their reflection, Qin Lan also gave birth to a touch of curiosity.
"Is this Green Lotus Hall a great place?" The flower in June does not appear happy, she Leng Leng lies on the bed, even that imperial edict, is the blue son generation receives. She didn't even look at it. Unexpectedly, at night, Su Mo still slept in this bedroom, but as soon as he came in, he drove everyone out. He pushed the flower June inside, and he lay on the outside all night until dawn. Flowers never opened their mouths in June, and Su Mo naturally ignored her. So straight after three days, the flower June's illness is much better, everyone in the palace knows that the flower June has been favored by the emperor. After that, Hua Jun was able to move to the Green Lotus Hall. Qin Lan has been silently watching all this. Look at the flowers in June full of love into ashes, look at Su Mo's cold feelings, look at his no pity. And Qin Lan, also finally know, why blue son and green son in the mention of the Green Lotus Hall, is such a look. There is no cold palace in the palace of this country. However, the treatment of the Qinglian Palace is the same as the treatment of the cold palace that Qin Lan knows. It is said that the bones of many people were buried in the Qinglian Hall, not only the imperial concubines, but also the princes. The younger brother of the present emperor, Su Mo, drowned in the Qinglian Pool of the Qinglian Hall when he was nine years old. Therefore, the emperor and the empress Dowager, are very taboo here, on weekdays, no one dares to mention in front of them. It can be imagined that the emperor and the empress Dowager will never step into here, and those imperial concubines who try to compete for favor will naturally not come to the place where the emperor will never appear. 5 ~ Calm down! Watching a Woman Commit Suicide Whether it is true or groundless, for Qin Lan, there is no difference. In fact, it is no different for flowers in June. Because, her heart is dead, although only once,Low Rpm Electric Motor, but enough to let this spoiled, gentle even the wind can blow her weak woman to torture the heart and body are broken. Qin Lan has not known her for a long time, but she knows enough about this little woman.