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Remnant Sun Shadow Tears West Wind

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Shen Yinglong was also a sinister and cunning man. When he came, he had already thought about how he could tell Lu Kun so that he could be perfect. Then he went to the stone room to force Qiu Fei to hand over the jade money, the amulet, and other things. After that, he escaped from Hengyun Xiaozhu and worshipped at the door of Sanhua Chasing Soul. The reason why he returned to Hengyun Xiaozhu was that he didn't want to give up Qiu Fei's bosom and other things. When he heard Zhong Tianhua's question, he immediately replied, "How can the younger generation lie to deceive the two older generations?" With a sneer, Zhong Tianhua turned and walked out of the hall with his head held high. With a slight sigh, Lu Kun said to Lu Xiao, "Lord Zhong Guan is really arrogant. He must have led five high feet to visit the Turtle Head." Lu Xiao nodded his head and said, "I hope Lord Zhong Guan can control the fierce flame of Yanyun. I'm afraid not.." It seems that we can only stay out of it. Now Sanhua Chasing Soul and Yanyun are antagonistic. However, the evil deeds of murder are limited to the evil aspects of the underworld. If we are embarrassed, we are afraid that decent people will accuse us of helping a tyrant to do evil. We might as well look on coldly and watch how the situation evolves before deciding on countermeasures! Lu Kun said with a sigh, "The opinions of the Second Younger Brother are incisive and penetrating. According to what the Foolish Brother expected, what they are doing now is aimed at deterring the underworld figures, so that they can get under the net one by one. When the momentum grows, I'm afraid none of the decent people in the famous families pointed by the arrow will survive. It's a pity that all the major factions are watching and watching. We can't clap our hands alone, so we have to do what the Second Younger Brother said! Shen Yinglong suddenly took a step forward. His face looked sincere and righteous. "Excuse me, Martial Uncle, what Qiu Fei has in his bosom has a great bearing on the overall situation of the martial arts world. Have you found out where he is hiding?" Mr. Lu smiled faintly and said,Time Delay Tap, "I have no time to think about this now." As he spoke, he held out a rhinoceros horn in the palm of his hand and said, "You can get into the cave with this thing." Shen Yinglong was overjoyed and took his hand back and flew out of the hall. Mouth, mouth, mouth, mouth. Qiu Fei was lying on his back on the couch in the stone room with his arms as a pillow, thinking a lot. Suddenly, he heard the sound of several fingers knocking outside the door. He turned over and jumped to the side of the couch. A moment later,stainless steel shower tray, the stone gate rumbled, the sound passed, slowly separated, and the disease flashed into Shen Yinglong like a startled swan. But seeing that Shen Yinglong's face was in a daze, he was so surprised that he took a step back and looked surprised. He thought that Qiu Fei was trapped in the stone chamber because he could not move, but before he settled down, he could see that Qiu Fei was standing on the side of the couch with a sneer on his face like an ordinary person. Shocked, Shen Yinglong did not know that he had fallen into the trap, but thought that it was his carelessness and that he had made a mistake without asking in advance. With a sneer, Chiu Fei-osprey was deceived by a flash of lightning. His right arm flew out of the lightning, and his palms swayed from side to side. Shen Yinglong did not know that Qiu Fei-e's technique was a unique reversal of Yin and Yang in the martial arts world. He pushed it out horizontally with one hand and cut his arm. Only feel a palm push empty, elbow bone was clasped by five fingers, and then a finger in the chest, can not help but stagger back two steps. Qiu Fei-e chuckled and said, Manual Flush Valve ,Flush Retrofit Kit, "Brother Shen!"! Repeatedly forced the younger brother, so that the younger brother can not tolerate, many have offended! "Shaoxia Qiu," said Shen Yinglong with a forced smile! Ying Long came here to apologize for the misunderstanding some time ago. Why didn't you let me speak, Shaoxia, so you made a sudden attack! Qiu Fei-e only felt that this man was sinister. He raised his eyebrows and said in a deep voice, "Brother Shen!"! There is no misunderstanding between you and me. It's quite different from the attitude of Binyang Town when we meet. If there is a long-standing enmity, it must be caused by someone's instructions! Shen Yinglong's love was in his heart, but he could not resist. "There is a reason why Yinglong planted a misunderstanding with Shaoxia," he said hurriedly. "Let me explain." "There's no need to explain, Brother Shen," said Qiu Fei-e with a sneer. "I already know about your secret collusion with Sanhua Chasing Soul.." Before he had finished speaking, Shen Yinglong's face was ashen and he was drenched in cold sweat. "Please don't falsely accuse me, Shaoxia Qiu," he said. "I did it on my teacher's orders. Don't you hear Sun Tzu's Art of War?" Qiu Fei'e was stunned. "Maybe," he said to himself. "Don't do him wrong. But this man's mind is not right. Beware of cheating.." After thinking about it, he turned over his wrist and stretched out his fingers, pointing to Shen Yinglong's "Qimen Point" like lightning. Shen Yinglong snorted and fell to the ground. Qiu Fei had a kind heart, so he only used 70% of Kuixing's power, leaving him a chance of survival to repent and think about his mistakes.
Suddenly, the cloud outside the door Kang Ji shot into the inside, a palm hit Shen Yinglong chest ridge, "bang" a loud sound, Shen Yinglong opened his mouth and spurted a mouthful of blood. Yunkang then flew out with another palm and grabbed him by the hand of Qiu Fei. "Spare his life," he said. At this moment, Shen Yinglong was already seriously wounded and fainted to the ground. Yunkang glanced at Shen Yinglong and said, "If this man doesn't die, there will be future trouble. Since my brother is merciful, remember to be careful when you bump into him in the future." "I'll keep that in mind," said Qiu Fei. "Miss Zhuge, please, Shaoxia," said Yunkang. "It's said that it's important." Qiu Fei nodded and left the stone room with Yun Kang. The two of them got out of the crypt and walked along a bamboo path. The cold wind was howling, and an elegant house loomed in the swaying leaves. The two of them flew in, only to see Zhuge Hao's father and daughter talking in a low voice with an old man about fifty years old. He caught a glimpse of one of the leopard leather bags he had left in Zhuge Hao's place on the couch. This bag contains "Dragon Flying Charm", "Five-star Jade Money", "Xuanxuan Scripture" and other items delivered by Chang Tong before his departure. Because he conspired with Mr. Lu Er to suspect the soldiers, he left this leopard skin bag. At this time, see this bag can not help but stay, full of suspicion to gaze on the face of Zhuge Hao. Knowing this, Zhuge Hao stood up and said with a smile, "Shaoxia Qiu!"! The old man doesn't have any intention to harm Shaoxia. It's a long story. Let the old man introduce this Qiantang Fisherman Master Wei to you first and then talk about it in detail. Qiu Fei's nervous mood was relieved. He greeted Wei Piaoping, a fisherman hermit in Qiantang, with folded fists. "I have the honor to pay my respects to Master Wei!" Wei Piaoping smiled and replied, "Shaoxia Qiu, Zizhi Yuyu. No wonder Brother Zhuge is full of praise." Thief Yaya Yunkang and Qiantang Yuyin Wei Piaoping are both well-known figures in Jianghu. They have been friends with each other for a long time. It's a pleasure to meet and admire each other. Wei Piaoping said to Qiu Fei,Time Delay Faucet, "On the way, the old man happened to meet Deng Du and Li Tonglian, who was handsome and elegant. He also talked about Shaoxia. Your teacher had been an old friend of the old man for many years. Then he suddenly disappeared from the world. The old man thought that your teacher had returned to Daoshan. He was filled with emotion. He didn't want to see his old friend here. How happy he was? I wonder where your teacher is now. Can you tell me?" 。