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Quick-wear system: villain boss attack by Mo Ling

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Side Mission: Uncompleted Mingshu didn't want to see the side quests, it was estimated that it would always be in this state, and soon it turned out that she was naive. Mingshu waved his hand. "Let's serve." End of the Eleventh Plane Chapter 395 Yin and Yang Express (1). # Headline of the underworld: Ange will rebuild the underworld without a word of disagreement # Mingshu is a little confused. [Sui _ Meng] She looked at the head flying, the state of the soul of the little devil, and countless. Express. Now the kids are doing the delivery? Do you have a license? Each express delivery is only the size of a mobile phone, which looks no different from ordinary express delivery. There is only one QR code on the express list. The delivery came in through a shimmering door, up and down four conveyor belts. Mingshu saw some little devils in front of a machine, express from the conveyor belt past, the screen shows the specific information of the express. The little devils looked up at the screen, quickly separated the express, put it into different channels, and did not know where to be sent. On the black stone at the back, there is a ghost-like LOGO and four big characters of Yin and Yang Express. So advanced! Mingshu was shocked. Lord Ange, something has happened in Donghua City again. The King of Hell wants you to go and have a look at it immediately. A little devil suddenly floated in front of Mingshu. His tone was very urgent, but his eyes seemed to be somewhat awed by her. "This is the fifth time this month. The King of Hell is very angry. You must solve it." When Mingshu heard this, she looked confused, and she understood that the original owner's name was Ange. It's just.. Ghost. Lord Ango? Did you hear me? The little devil stretched out his hand and shook it in front of Mingshu, speaking very carefully. I hear you. Mingshu answered with a smile, although he did not know what the situation was, but he could not panic. The little devil was more alive and floated back like a ghost. Mingshu looked at the kid inexplicably, and the kid suddenly ran away the next second. After leaving there for a long time, the kid patted his chest and grabbed the kid next to him and wailed, "I saw Lord Ange laugh just now." The kid who was caught was also frightened. "Are you right?" "How could I be wrong? Fortunately, I ran fast." An Ge is now, and ten thousand ghosts are worried. An Ge laughs,MBR reactor, ten thousand ghosts are destroyed. These six words have always been the eight words of truth they spread here. Lord Ange is in such a bad mood, my God! "Who knows, I see Lord Ange standing over there for a long time without any movement, and no ghost provoked her." I was scared to death. "Is it about Donghua City?" "I don't know." The whispers of the little devils came to Mingshu's ears, and the corners of her mouth twitched. The original owner looked very powerful. According to the routine, she must be the villain BOSS, and there is nothing wrong with her. Mingshu doesn't even know where Donghua City is, so she can only find a place to receive the plot first. This is a plane dominated by the supernatural, and the pseudo-heroine is called Su Rou. She was a ghost ready to be tortured in the underworld, but there was an accident in the underworld, which caused Su Rou to escape from the place of detention. Just in time for the woman's reincarnation, she took advantage of the chaos to be reincarnated with the woman and became twins with her. Su Rou's life was not good. She was weak and sick. She was haunted by filth. Her parents also preferred the woman. Later, Belt Filter Press ,Lamella Plate Settler, she and the woman fell in love with the man at the same time. The woman's aura was in her body, and Su Rou died miserably. As a result, after she died, she found herself back to the moment when she escaped from the underworld. Su Rou immediately reincarnated with the woman again, and when she was in the mother's body in this life, she constantly seized the value of the woman's luck and vitality. After birth, Su Rou found that the woman's body was as weak and sick as she had been, and she was easy to attract Yin. However, even so, their parents still prefer the woman. Su Rou has two generations of memories, and she knows that evil spirits and ghosts like the heroine best. She deliberately broke the amulet of the woman, causing her to be haunted by evil spirits and killing their parents. The woman is the woman after all, and it is not so easy to die. The woman is very good to Su Rou. Su Rou lives in peace with the woman on the surface, but secretly she is calculating the woman all the time. The man appeared, although Su Rou in every way according to the man's preferences, but the man still likes the woman. Su Rou's heart is unwilling. She attracts evil spirits and devours the soul of the heroine. Forcibly occupy the body of the woman, and eventually with the man. The original owner's name is Ange. When she came to Donghua City, she found that Su Rou and the woman were abnormal, and she wanted to check Su Rou.
But Su Rou is very cunning, she knows who Ange is, in order not to let Ange find out, she began to make trouble for Ange, so that she has no time to manage herself. When Su Rou occupied the woman's body, Ange arrived and tried to stop Su Rou. Su Rou did not know where to release a large group of fierce ghosts, trapping her and fierce ghosts in the array. Ange thought it was easy to rush out by her own strength, but she found that her strength was constantly absorbed by the array. Only then did Ange realize that she had been trapped by Su Rou, who had used her strength to complete her plan to occupy the woman's body. Ange is a victim in any way. How to become a big BOSS? Next is the main event. Although Ange's strength was gone, she was still lucky to escape the disaster, but she was unlucky and fell into the hands of a heavenly teacher, who was a good one, but not a good one. Ange was turned into a fierce ghost by his sorcery, and his memory was completely lost. And that Tianshi and Su Rou are bitter enemies, Ange met Su Rou again, although do not remember, but still instinctively want to kill Su Rou. After Tianshi was killed by Su Rou, Ange became a big worry for Su Rou. In order to kill Su Rou, Ange stirred up a storm in the city and was finally destroyed by Tianshi. Now the time is still early, the original owner went to Donghua City this time, will meet Su Rou. Mingshu came out of the corner, and the little devils of Yin and Yang Express looked askance, and then at the same time they turned their eyes and did their own things. Yin and Yang Express. Countless people die every day,fine bubble diffuser, but the souls of the underworld are limited. Every time they go out and bring ghosts back to reincarnation, they are tired. In order to better complete the task, the underworld has established the Yin and Yang Express. The resident soul guide only needs to seal the soul into the express and send it back to the underworld immediately with the Yin and Yang Express.