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Quickly wear xt: villain boss attack!

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In short, the dragon brother next to him did not dare to approach. Mingshu found a place to sit down and watched Longge deal with the follow-up. This is the last thorn in the city, and it will unify the whole city. Yu Jing: Where are you? Mingshu looked around and replied slowly. Billions of Bar Inheritors: Seaside Bar. Yu Jing: What do you mean by last night? Billions of Bar Inheritors: What happened last night? Yu Jing did not know whether he was shocked or not, and did not reply until about a minute later. Yu Jing: You kissed me last night. What do you mean? Billions of Bar Inheritors: You are afraid to drink too much, I have nothing to kiss you to do, are you sick? Yu Jing: You.. Deny it? Yu Jing: You kiss me and don't admit it? Billions of Bar Inheritors: You say I kiss you, I kiss you? Is there any evidence? Who saw it? Don't get drunk, and you will blame me. As soon as Mingshu said this, Yu Jing was a little doubtful whether he had drunk too much last night. But Those real images told him that he could not be wrong. Yu Jing typed a long paragraph, but finally deleted it. Damn it, he felt like a resentful woman who had been slept by scum, who pulled up his pants and refused to admit it, and he was still holding on. It feels.. This is so ***ing ***ed up. Mingshu looked at the opposite side of the input, but no message was sent, every once in a while is the input. She finished eating the two boxes of ice cream bought by Brother Long, and Yu Jing was still typing. Is he going to write a paper to attack himself? Mingshu is a little scared. So she decided to eat two more boxes of ice cream to calm down. But until she solved the matter here,deep draw stamping, Yu Jing did not reply, the status is not being input. Daily gas leprechaun task completed. —— In the next few days, Yu Jing did not appear, the lead singer was not there, and the band did not go on stage. The bar is in the doldrums, but Mingshu quickly discusses a new way of playing with Manager Cai. He wants to be the leader of nightlife. How can he rely on leprechauns. As soon as Mingshu stepped out of the hotel that day,die casting parts, he received a phone call from Brother Long. Sister Qi, someone has offered you a high price to kidnap you. Brother Long said, "I asked the people below not to reply for the time being. What do you think?" This time, to kidnap her, in addition to Yan Xue, who has been quiet recently. The little cutie has been quiet for so long, and her feelings are holding back. Next. Money does not earn white not to earn: "The price raises toward the high place, cannot drop my social status." Long Ge paused for three seconds: "OK." Like the plot, Yan Xue not only wants to kidnap her, but also wants the other strong woman to *** herself and take pictures. In order to get rid of her, Yan Xue also spent a lot of money. Yan Xue walked up and down in her room, deep draw stamping ,car radiator cap, waiting for the news from there. As time went by, the hot mobile phone she held suddenly vibrated. Looking at the unknown phone, Yan Xue immediately connected: "Hello?" "I've already caught it." Yan Xue breathed a sigh of relief: "Do as I said, as long as I receive the photos, I will call you for the final payment." "All right." Yan Xue hung up the phone and smiled slowly on her face. Qiaoqi, should you disappear from Yu Ting's world now? Yu Ting can only be hers. Yan Xue waited for another hour, but thought it should not be finished so soon, look at the time is not early, Yan Xue some sleepy, go to bed and wait, I do not know how to fall asleep. —— On the shabby bed, Yan Xue woke up leisurely. The sunshine outside the window shone on her eyes. It took Yan Xue a while to get used to it. The ache on the body, let Yan Xue wake up suddenly. She looked down, and the body without any shelter made Yan Xue scream fiercely and embrace her body. Her eyes were full of panic, how could this happen. Where is this place? She must be dreaming. Yes! It must be a dream! Yan Xue pinched herself hard, but the pain told her that she was not dreaming. It's true. What should have happened to Georgie, happened to her. Ah Yan Xue covered her head and screamed, why. Those people clearly took their own money, why. How the hell did she get here? Squeak- The door was pushed open, and Yan Xue pulled something at random to block his body.
"Surprise?"? Are you happy? Is Mingshu a loser today? Slag! Chapter 1148 the boss is not about (16). "Qiao Qi." Yan Xue looked at the man standing in the doorway and wrote on his face in disbelief: "Why are you?"? You "Why can't it be me? Are you surprised to see me?" Yan Xue trembled and gnashed her teeth. "What did you do to me?" Mingshu spread out his hands and said, "Your feelings are very real. Why do you ask me?" There was a surge of anger in Yan Xue's eyes, but more of it was panic and fear, her body. How will she see people in the future. She. "Qiao Qi, why are you so vicious?" Yan Xue forgot who started the whole thing. Mingshu chuckled, "This is what you want to do to me. Why am I still vicious?"? Well, even if I'm vicious, what can you do to me? Do you hate me? Welcome, please use all your enthusiasm, hate me! What kind of villain is a villain if he is not vicious! I am a dedicated villain! Yan Xue's face turned white, but she couldn't figure out why things had turned out like this. How does she know? She didn't do it through anyone's hands, but she was afraid of being known. Why did you have an accident? It wasn't her. What went wrong?! "Your General Manager Yu will come to pick you up later." "No need to thank me," continued Mingshu. "It's a phone call. I'm happy to serve the lovely young lady." Yan Xue stared at Ming Shu: "You.." Yu Ting? Yu Ting came to pick her up? Nope No way. Mingshu walked out of the door with a smile, and the door slammed shut. Yan Xue threw herself down from the bed: "Let me out, let me out." Can't let Yu Ting see her like this, can't let Yu Ting know what happened to her. Qiao Qi. I won't let you go! —— Yu Ting's car is parked outside, this is an old courtyard, Yu Ting is sure to be here,titanium machining parts, under the guidance of the assistant, into the courtyard. As soon as I entered the yard, the smell of meat came to my face.