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Qing Palace — — Biography of Concubine Wan

The boatman also saw Song Ling two people, he smiled, the song in his mouth did not stop, with the oars shaking, the boat slowly away, singing also in the wind and water away. Song Ling does not feel how, such as poetry is some envy, why this boatman can be so simple and happy, he should have no money and no name, perhaps all his property is a boat plus a cabin, but he lives so comfortably "What are you thinking?" The voice of Song Ling suddenly sounded in his ear. Looking back, he did not know when he was sitting beside him. But instead of looking at himself, he looked at the boat that had become a small black spot. He smiled faintly like a poem. Instead of answering immediately, he said, "Do you think this song sounds good?" "It sounds good, but I can't sing," said Song Ling softly. Words just finished, next to the poem suddenly hummed a song, impressively is just the boatman sang the song, such as the poem with excellent memory to write it down, lyrics and tunes are almost exactly the same, but the feeling is far less than just the boatman sang, Song Ling slowly frowned after surprise. When she was humming like a poem, she kept paying attention to Song Ling's expression. When she saw him frowning,plastic pallet price, she immediately stopped humming. With a trace of helplessness, she said, "You also found something wrong?"? Although I can remember the lyrics and tunes he sings, I lack the pure and single happy mood when he sings, so the same song changes when it comes out of my mouth! Her envy, her disappointment are written on the face, such a poem, such an expression, so that Song Ling produced a moment of trance,secondary containment pallet, a strange feeling, as if he had never known! Song Ling bowed his head and laughed. How could he have such an illusion? Rushi was the person he was going to marry. How could there be a strange saying? After driving this strange idea out of his mind, Song Ling reached out his hand to hold up Rushi's chin and let her look at him. Then he said, "Rushi, why do I always think you are unhappy recently? Is it because I have too many things to do recently that I have neglected you?" "No!" Rushi said softly, lowering his eyes to avoid the gaze of Song Ling and saying, "I don't know why, but I feel like I'm not happy like a big stone in my heart. Song Ling, I'm afraid, I'm really afraid!" "Afraid?"? What are you afraid of? Song Ling doesn't understand the tunnel. It's just getting married. It's not a bad thing. There's nothing to be afraid of. I don't know Rushi shook his head and said, "It's just that there's always a sense of foreboding in my heart, as if.." As if we will be separated, so I am afraid! "Silly girl!" Song Ling finally knew why she was always unhappy. She was worried about this. She was really a silly girl: "How can we be separated? You think too much. From the moment we met you on the Qinhuai River, our fate is doomed. No one can take it away. Believe me, I will not let you leave!" Song Ling said with unusual seriousness, as if to prove something, the words of the secret man had been lingering in his ears, plastic pallet crates ,plastic pallet manufacturer, like a cloud of fog that could not be dispersed. Such as poetry nodded, homeopathy in the arms of Song Ling, I hope she really think too much! Green mountains and clear waters, boats into the world, when is the time of birth. Song Ling took the poem in one hand, took out the treasured leaves from his bosom in the other hand, and put them in his mouth to blow the song in his memory again: Heaven and earth laugh, wind and cloud, dream lingering, love alone; Ask the world, where is homecoming, between you, between me, the dream of prosperity, this love even; You and I live together forever, accompanied by a bosom friend, never leave; Dream lingering, love alone, hand in hand rivers and lakes, hand in hand for a lifetime.. Chapter 51 you want to find (4). On the twenty-seventh day of the fifth month, two days before the twenty-ninth day of the fifth month, Qianjia Embroidery Village sent someone to send their custom-made wedding clothes to the Song Mausoleum. The wedding clothes were supposed to be worn on the wedding day, but in case there was something wrong with the clothes, Rushi tried them on according to the meaning of the person who sent them.
When the poem in wedding dress appeared in front of everyone, everyone who saw her stopped breathing, including Song Ling and Qi Bo, who were already familiar with the beauty of the poem. The clothes were beautiful, and the people were more beautiful. Only this dress could match the beauty of the poem. It was the steward of Qianjia Embroidery Village who sent the wedding clothes. Originally, it was not necessary for him to send things in person, but now it was the Song family, the first family in Yangzhou, who ordered the wedding clothes. In order to show his attention, he sent them in person. This wedding dress can be said to be the treasure of Qianjia Embroidery Village, because every time you make one, you have to spend a very rare silk thread, which can only be produced in three years to make a dress, its preciousness is evident, and the price is extremely expensive. After the poem went back to the room to change the clothes and confirmed that there was no need to modify them, Song Ling took Qi Bo to the accounting room to check out. The price of a piece of clothes was thousands of taels, not to mention ordinary people. Even ordinary rich families were shocked by it. You should know that an ordinary family's annual livelihood was only a few dozen taels. Everyone in Yangzhou city knew that Song Fu was going to hold a wedding, and they were all waiting to watch the fun. Song Fu's wedding must be no small matter, and Song Ling also said that all the people who came had a share of the wedding cake on the day of marriage. As for the running water banquet, it was a master invited from the capital for three days and three nights in a row. In short, it must be unprecedented! In a dilapidated house far from the Song Mansion, a middle-aged man in his thirties, with a pale face, was listening solemnly to the return of his men: "My Lord.". His subordinates had found out that there was indeed a woman in Yangzhou who looked exactly like the person in the portrait. Many people had seen her. She lived in the residence of the Song Mansion, the largest family in Yangzhou. The middle-aged man walked around the room twice with his hands behind his back. Frown: "So she is really alive, and in Yangzhou?"? Strange. Since she is still alive, why not go back to Beijing? His subordinates replied, "My Lord, my subordinates found out that this woman was the head of the Song family, Song Ling,drum spill pallet, who was rescued in Jiangning. When she was rescued, she was seriously injured and almost died.". And when she wakes up, she doesn't remember anything about the past. Her name is Rushi now! 。