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Purple Elephant versus Cookie Dough- Which is a better strain for you?

Submitted by bcseeds on Mon, 01/18/2021 - 22:27

Due to the legalization in most states, there is increasing use of weed, like purple cannabis. However, chronic cannabis consumers are always concerned about strains. Some cannabis strains have therapeutic values, while others are best only for triggering good feelings. The two most popular cannabis strains are the Elephant strain and Cookie Dough cannabis strain. Find detailed information about these strains and get the best deal buying these top notch cannabis strains online.
Purple Elephant- Flavor and look-
When you prefer a juicy strain that reminds you of sweet & sour grapes, you can choose BC Seeds Purple Elephant strain. Moreover, this strain has woody and earthy undertones that ensures an uplifting high. As this strain has Indica-oriented genetics, you may feel sleepiness without a cup of java.
Purple Elephant cannabis strain is a combination of some unknown strain with Purple Urkle. This hybrid strain is perfectly balanced, as it has 50% Indica with 50% Sativa. You will feel a euphoric high after consuming this strain. Due to these effects, most consumers have it in the evening, or first thing on the morning with coffee. It’s less like used as a mid-day smoke unless you want to have a mid-day nap.
Purple Elephant doesn’t have very high CBD levels, as it has 0.6% of CBD. However, there are some cannabis strains with high CBD and low THC.
Health benefits from consuming Purple Elephant-
Although the CBD percentage is low, it has some medicinal values. Several consumers have claimed that the strain gives short-term relief from depression. Moreover, you will have a positive effect on your mood by having this hybrid strain. You can now buy Elephant buds to get these benefits.
Know about Cookie Dough strains-
The sweet, cookie-like flavors have gained the attention of several consumers. The most important thing is that the strain’s genetics has 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. Thus, you will get the effects of both these pure strains.
Those who consume the more potent strains for the first time may feel uncomfortable. However, several consumers have felt energetic after consuming the Cookie Dough strain. You can identify this strain by analyzing-

  • Flavor- You will have a combination of a citrus and sweet taste while enjoying this cannabis strain. To taste the flavor in a better way, you may smoke this Cookie Dough cannabis strain.
  • Appearance- The raw Cookie Dough has a purple sheen, although the leaves look ordinary. However, you may not find this color in all Cookie Dough cannabis strains.
  • CBD/THC - Cookie Dough has low CBD with up to 22% THC.

Now, you can decide on the right cannabis strain and buy it from a reliable store. The best store also sells different other products, like Columbian coco plant seeds.
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