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Prestige Somerville is the best project, with connectivity and impeccable luxury amenities.

Prestige Somerville offers an extensive array of amenities designed to enhance the lifestyle of its residents, catering to diverse interests and age groups. These amenities not only provide recreational and fitness options but also contribute significantly to the community's social and leisure aspects, thereby increasing the property's overall value and appeal.
Community Amenities
Party Hall: A spacious venue for hosting events and gatherings.
Board Games: A dedicated area for playing various board games.
Outdoor Courts: Facilities for sports like tennis, basketball, and other outdoor activities.
Club House: A two-floored clubhouse equipped with multiple recreational options.
Spa: A place to relax and unwind with various spa treatments.
Snooker: A room specifically for playing snooker.
Squash Court: Indoor courts for playing squash.
Health and Fitness
Gym: A fully equipped gymnasium with modern fitness equipment.
Cycling Track: A designated track for cycling enthusiasts.
Yoga Area: A serene space for practicing yoga.
Skating Rink: An area for roller skating activities.
Kids Playground: Safe and fun play areas designed for children.
Swimming Pool: A large pool for swimming and water activities.
Jogging Track: A track for jogging and running.
Foot Reflexology: A specialized area for foot reflexology treatments.
Billiards & Games Room: A room for playing billiards and other indoor games.
Pet Corner: A designated area for pet activities.
Urban Farming: Space for residents interested in urban farming and gardening.
Table Tennis: Facilities for playing table tennis.
Party Area: Outdoor and indoor spaces for hosting parties.
Landscaped Gardens: Beautifully designed gardens for relaxation and walks.
Multisports Court: Courts that can be used for various sports.
Sauna: A sauna for relaxation and health benefits.
Jacuzzi: A hot tub for relaxation and hydrotherapy.
These thoughtfully designed amenities ensure that all residents, regardless of their preferences, have access to numerous entertainment and physical activities, fostering a vibrant and engaging community atmosphere. The apartments facing these amenities are priced at a premium due to the enhanced living experience they offer.
Prestige Somerville is a sprawling apartment complex spread over 6.5 acres, featuring 304 units and more than 40 modern amenities. Central to the project is a fully equipped clubhouse covering 25,000 square feet, offering a range of leisure features to cater to the diverse needs of its residents.
Prestige Somerville Recreational Zone
The Recreational Zone at Prestige Somerville is designed to provide residents with an enjoyable and engaging lifestyle. It includes exclusive, handpicked features that promote bonding and interaction among residents while catering to all age groups.
Meditation Pads: Serene areas for meditation and relaxation.
Meandering Pool: A winding pool offering a relaxing aquatic experience.
Bio Pond & Eco Pond: Natural ponds enhancing the eco-friendly atmosphere.
Bonfire Court: A dedicated area for socializing around a bonfire.
Pets Corner: A special area for pets to play and interact.
Floating Deck: A unique deck area for leisure activities.
Squash Court: Indoor squash courts for fitness and recreation.
Senior Citizens Corner: A tranquil area designed specifically for senior residents.
Park and Garden
The project includes multiple green areas for relaxation and recreation. These gardens and parks feature trees and seating areas, providing fresh air and a peaceful environment for residents to enjoy time with their families.
Green Areas:
Urban Farming Area: Space for residents interested in gardening.
Portico & Party Lawn: Elegant areas for social gatherings and events.
Foliage Cross & Entrance Garden Plaza: Beautifully landscaped areas enhancing the aesthetic appeal.
Fiesta Park & Butterfly Garden: Thematic gardens for leisure and nature appreciation.
Open-air Theatre & BBQ: Facilities for outdoor entertainment and dining.
Outdoor Workspace: Areas designed for working in a natural setting.
Kids Zone
The Kids Zone is a dedicated area for children to engage in physical activities and interact with their friends. It includes various play areas to keep children entertained and active.
Kids Activities:
Cycling Track & Skating Lane: Safe paths for cycling and skating.
Play Park & Kids Pool: Fun and safe areas for children to play and swim.
Aqua Park & Toddler's Play Area: Water-based play areas for different age groups.
Cricket Practice Net: Facilities for practicing cricket.
Active Zone
The Active Zone offers a range of fitness features to help residents maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.
Fitness Features:
Jogging Park & Cycling Track: Paths for jogging and cycling.
Fitness Corner & Gym: Areas equipped with fitness equipment.
Reflexology Walk: A path designed
Prestige Somerville Amenities

Prestige Somerville