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The poor third generation and the rich second generation

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"Well, I just looked at the surrounding scenery in my mobile phone. It seems very good. It's much better than staying in Yanjing." Xiao also said. Since you say so, I won't go. Thangka immediately changed his mind. Relax and have a nice trip. Xiao also said. No matter what happens, he gives people a comfortable feeling. After Thangka said goodbye to each other gratefully, she saw Jonan coming back. Xiao Ye's girlfriend? You are really good! He sneered. No, they're just helping me out. How could a man like him like me? Thangka said. Then why did he help you? Jonan squinted. I have been a tutor for his nephew, and I have always been in touch with him, but that's all, and there is no other special relationship. You must not tell Wang Haoyu about this, let alone let them say it out, otherwise it will not be good to send it back to Yanda. Thangka exhorted. What do you want me to do when you have this big weapon? Hum He got into the car shyly. Wang Haoyu also came back, he looked at the Thangka, not before the kind of cynical overbearing strength. In the future, if you have anything to say, just say it. Don't hide it. Almost, my reputation will be ruined. Male mistress, this title is as poisonous as a cuckold. After getting on the bus,disc air diffuser, Wang Haoyu went to the lounge and pulled away from her. Thangka was relieved. Chapter 71 grow a conscience. Xiao Nan sat back in front and chatted with Thangka occasionally. I don't know if it's because of the friction before, but he's very silent now. Because of Xiao Ye, the princess became interested in her again. He came to ask questions with great interest and had the posture of continuing the awkward chat. How long have you been in love with Xiao Ye? She asked, blinking her big eyes. More than a year. Thangka said vaguely. God, it's been a long time. Good job keeping it a secret! So the words on the forum are all nonsense, right? The princess is also keen on gossip. Some of them are true,wall penstocks, for example, my family's condition is really poor. Thangka confessed. It doesn't matter at all, you are Xiao Ye's girlfriend now! He gives people the feeling that he is very gentle. Do you get along like this in private? Or is there a big contrast with the image in front of you? The princess asked. Almost Thangka said with a guilty conscience. Who takes the initiative when kissing? “……” "I'm sorry, I crossed the line with this question!" The princess quickly apologized. Thangka was worried that if she continued to answer, she would make a mistake, so she used the excuse of carsickness to send her away. Jonan closed his eyes and slept beside him. In fact, he could hear every question clearly. Have you ever kissed? After the princess left, he asked out of the blue. …… Don't be ridiculous. How can this be possible? Thangka almost bit his tongue. Kiss Xiao, too? It's blasphemy, it's a sin, she can't even think about it! In Taoyuanju, Xiao also thought for a moment and dialed his good friend Xu Yifei's phone. The sun came out in the west today. Why did General Manager Xiao take the initiative to contact me? The other side joked. What are you doing Xiao also asked. What can I do? Stay at home and play games! Xu Yifei said. Don't you go out to play? Xiao also asked. I run outside all the year round, Mechanical fine screen ,rotary vacuum disc filters, and I want to take advantage of the time to rest during the Spring Festival. Why? Don't tell me you don't want to stay in Yanjing for the Spring Festival and want to go out for a walk! Xu Yifei asked in reply. Yes, I want to go out to relax. "Your old man will be furious!" "I have to socialize with them every year, and I want to give myself a holiday this year." Xiao also said calmly. You can find someone else. I'm twenty-seven today. If I want to go out at this time, I'll be scolded to death by my family! Xu Yifei said. Really not going? "I really won't go!" "Thangka went on a trip with some alumni, and someone expressed his love to her on the way. I want to see it.". If you don't go, I'll find someone else. Xiao also said. Wait! I take it back! Xu Yifei threw his cell phone. Two hours later, Xu Yifei appeared in Taoyuan. Aren't you going? Xiao also asked. It's about your life. I have to go! He has a great look. Because of Wang Haoyu, Thangka became very cautious. I have to send positioning two or three times a day, so it is not difficult to follow the past. Shaw also packed up his things and was ready to go. When Xiao Han noticed something strange, he said he was also interested in going.
Uncle, can you take me there? I promise not to talk nonsense, not to cause trouble, not to get into trouble, and not to fall behind! He made a solemn promise. I'll give my mobile phone and tablet to Aunt Xiao for safekeeping. Teacher Luo will send two sets of papers later. I'd better finish them before I come back. Xiao also did not raise his head. At that moment, Xiao Han felt that the world had lost its color. Looking at his desperate face, Xu Yifei could not bear his conscience. When Xiao went upstairs, he patted his nephew on the shoulder. Believe me, your uncle is definitely for your own good, our trip. It's not that fun! Xiao Han thought that even if he went to the front to kill the enemy, he could not operate on himself. The two sets of test papers for the Spring Festival, the confiscation of mobile phones and computers, are not allowed to live? Before the phone was confiscated, he sent a message to Thangka. During the Spring Festival, my uncle asked Mr. Luo to bring me two sets of papers. He said Do the exercises well, Mr. Xiao. It's all for your own good. Thangka replied. ……” Xiao Han doesn't want to talk. Originally wanted to tell each other about Xiao's movements, but now look, there is no need for this! Go on, go on, better catch them by surprise, he thought gloatingly. In the expectation of the people, the further south they go, the warmer the climate will be. But the reality is just the opposite, not only is it not warm, but it has encountered the heaviest snow in decades. The road was covered with snow, and the car was slippery. For the sake of safety, they lived in a small town called Fenglindu. Here is surrounded by mountains and rivers, the scenery is very good, you can soak in natural hot springs,fine bubble diffuser, you can also taste local specialties, so everyone is willing to stay. On the other side, Xu Yifei and Xiao also took turns driving.