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The physical dolls of the future

Submitted by aldollsale on Sat, 01/28/2023 - 18:15

The physical flat chest sex doll of the future will combine artificial intelligence with human-like physical responses. Choose from over 20 different personalities including shy, kind, insecure, jealous, funny, talkative, intelligent and happy. Through learning, it will be possible to understand the user's preferences for food, entertainment, music and, of course, sexual preferences. It is even possible to learn about the user's past, family and process this information to create a surreal conversation. In the future, more advanced physical anime sex doll will be designed with a simplified version of this artificial learning process, making conversations with the dolls even more realistic.

In terms of simulating physical responses, a combination of internal and external sensors is currently being developed. These sensors will be touch-sensitive and connected to the doll's heating system to respond appropriately when touched by a person.

Future physical sex doll
mini sex doll will also feature facial recognition technology so that they can recognise users and distinguish between people they know and people they have never met. Eventually, physical dolls will be fully mobile, able to walk, talk and react like robots or even humans.

However, one thing that physical realistic sex dolls will never be able to do is empathise. When it is possible to have a relationship with a doll that doesn't require compromise, the question remains - how will this affect our ability to build relationships in real life?