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Perfect world

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Some people praise, from this comment, we can see how terrible it is as an insurmountable mountain in the hearts of the younger generation, as long as someone can attack him and not fall behind for the time being, even if it is very amazing! Yuechan stood in the distance, dressed in white fluttering, showing the state of dust, Fengzi peerless, absolutely gorgeous on the spot, she was surprised, a pair of smart eyes flashing Shenxia, staring at Shi Hao. She felt that this person was a little familiar, but could not see through, this person with lightning, thunder to protect the body, had not seen before. She was really surprised that when this talented person entered the realm of the Venerable, he dared to compete with the descendants of the Temple of Immortals. His physical body had such unparalleled power that he could really look down on the upper world. Her eyes flow, the five colors are blooming, staring at Shi Hao carefully, paying attention to observation. On the other side, the Great Demon God frowned and was very worried that his grandson, after all, had a slightly lower realm and was afraid that he would be robbed. This battle shook the secret world, and I don't know how many creatures came, but the conceited and arrogant first generation got the message, and all those who could come appeared. Moreover, the battle soon spread to the outside world. Secret exit, when someone appeared in the altar,collapsible pallet box, brought back the news, everyone was shocked, the young demon king dare to compete with the inheritors of the temple of immortals?! Chapter 0667 Immortal and Demon War. "What, he's fighting a battle with the young heir of the temple of immortals?" "After all, I underestimated him. I thought he was very powerful, but I didn't think that he dared to challenge the young inheritors of the Fairy Temple!" "Wrong, not a challenge, but an unexpected encounter, two people directly broke out a fierce battle, he did not retreat at all!" Secret exit,plastic pallet suppliers, a hubbub, everyone is talking about this matter, the news is very alarming, aroused the emotions of many strong people, extremely looking forward to. In their view, the young demon king is simply a new force, too swift and violent, advancing all the way, the first World War is more amazing than the first World War, where is his upper limit? If he can fight the first generation, compete with the best of his peers, and even win, people can understand. After all, there is more than one first generation in this world, perhaps he is the son of a God of an ancient religion, quietly sneaked in, so he can have such a brilliant record. But now he is competing with the young adults in the temple of immortals, which is unusual! Among the known young masters, he is a man who has no solution. He is absolutely brave and has no rivals. He overlooks a generation and is unbeatable. So, plastic bulk containers ,plastic pallet suppliers, when the news came, it caused a great sensation and made people stunned. Could it be that the wizards of the ancient orthodoxy were born? There was an old man whispering, looking grave, because there had always been such rumors in the world. It should be like this. I heard that a young man holding a golden lamp should also come from such a place. Some people make such a guess that they are close to the truth. Otherwise, it is difficult to explain that the appearance of this young demon king is so abrupt that he has never heard of it before, only those who have been frozen all the time. To this moment, the outside world endless monk comments, all very excited and excited, guess if come true, this will definitely be an unprecedented war! Several religious leaders sat in the void, whispering and communicating with each other. They all looked serious and were very cautious when they mentioned the ancient orthodoxy in the legend. In fact, I would like him to be a casual practitioner, in that case, it is also a myth of invincibility. A religious leader said. If Shi Hao is a casual practitioner, not from those ancient orthodoxies, it will certainly be even more sensational. I'm afraid many big churches will come and grab him as a disciple. Hope is'wild 'outside, hey hey. An old religious leader laughed, his eyes flashed, and he looked strange. He wanted to accept such a disciple. However, he also knew that if he was really a casual practitioner without a teacher, it would probably not be his turn to accept apprentices, which would lead to more fierce competition for old antiques. Of course, if people know the true identity of Shi Hao, it is estimated that many people will be in a daze, few people dare to take in. Because he had pushed several immortal orthodoxy in the lower world, and even killed the seven gods sent down by some giants in the upper world, which ruined their great event. At that moment, a dim figure appeared on the altar, and it was obvious that someone had been killed and appeared here.
"I was killed by the aftermath of a fierce battle between two men." He was ashamed and indignant, and when asked, he whispered that he came from a great religion in Wuxing State, not the first generation. But this is also amazing enough, whether it is not the old mountain, or the Fire Demon Palace, etc., are great inheritance, the selected disciples are not weak. He brought a piece of news that the young adults in the temple of immortals had not yet used the magic power of the sea, but were fighting with the man in the flesh, so dozens of strokes had not yet been divided into life and death. So that's it. The temple of immortals shakes the world with its secret arts and rules the roost with its magic power. He hasn't used his cards yet. An old man sighed. But this is also surprising, the body of the young demon king is enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with the inheritors of the temple of immortals, how powerful is this? Because, the person who walks out of the temple of immortals has no shortcomings, even the body is absolutely proud of the same generation, the golden body is immortal, it is like having an immortal body! "I have a hunch that most of the young demon king's magic power has not yet been practiced. He does not come from any ancient orthodoxy. He will be defeated." One of the celebrities sighed. It's a pity that the people I thought were frozen were born, but now it seems that they are not. An old religious leader also said so. Even so, the people outside the secret world are also looking forward to seeing how strong the young demon king is and how many moves he can persist in the hands of the young adult in the temple of immortals before he can be defeated. Although people know that he is strong, but not optimistic about him, do not think he can survive this disaster, the final will probably be killed. In the depths of the secret world, the clangorous sound was deafening, and the two men fought fiercely. The stove cover is red, the true phoenix is flying, the bright feathers are bright, and the bright fairy clouds are blooming. Shi Hao was incomparably brave, holding the furnace body in one hand and the furnace cover in the other, and fought fiercely with this great enemy. Between them, there was a constant surge of divine power, but it was all dissolved by two weapons. The metal trill shook the sky, and the two men had fought fiercely for more than sixty strokes, which was nothing to ordinary people,secondary containment pallet, but it was a rare thing for the inheritors of the Temple of Immortals. At first, some people thought that they could kill their opponents with dozens of moves, but today they met such an unfathomable young demon king.