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Online Diamonds Engagement Rings - Shiv Shambu

When you have an idea of the engagement ring design you think would best suit your fiancée, the process of searching for a diamond engagement ring  is much less confusing and much more pleasurable. This may seem like a super simple, one-size-fits-all engagement ring feature, but there are many different setting design features that make a monumental difference in the overall appearance of your engagement ring selection.
Princess Diamonds Engagement Rings 

A princess cut has four cut sides that are square in shape that come to a point. The cut's facets, or sides, normally come together in the middle to form a shape. Their contemporary look continues to make a statement on any Diamond engagement ring. Trend-setters  have sported princess Diamond engagement rings.

Asscher Diamonds Engagement Rings 

In recent years, the Ascher cut has exploded on the market, with a host of celebrity Diamond Engagement rings putting the cut back in the public eye. This Ascher form is frequently described as an emerald that has been squared, it actually has a great collection of diamonds that set it apart from other Diamond Engagement rings.

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