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Office Desks - 4 Myths Buyers Shouldn't Believe

Given the overwhelming number of office desks available in the market, most buyers use some kind of shopping strategy to make the right choice. Careful planning is usually a good thing, but this is certainly not the case when the list of criteria for selecting a unit is based on misconceptions. Discover the most common myths that buyers blindly believe in and learn the truth behind them. This will certainly take you one step closer to the best desk for you.
Myth 1: Bigger is always better.
Truth: In many cases, big office desks do more harm than good. They take up more space so they block important traffic areas. Even if you have more space in the office now, you may need to add more storage office furniture and/or equipment with time. In this case, you will simply have to throw the big desk away and get a smaller one.
Generally, unless you plan to keep stacks of documents and/or large equipment such as an extra wide computer monitor or a printer, you do not need a big unit. In fact, if you work primarily on your computer, you will need a model with a countertop that is no bigger than twice the width of your monitor or laptop.
Myth 2: The hutch is an old-fashioned feature.
Truth: The reality is that this is a highly functional feature that is now integrated into many L-shaped desk, U-shaped, and corner office desks. The hutch saves you a lot of space as it offers plenty of room for storing books and stationary and for setting equipment. Besides, you should expect to find not only classic hutches with small glass doors and decorative ornaments but also modern ones with sleek geometric designs and functional shelves.
Myth 3: The U-shaped models are space wasters.
Truth: These desks are among the top multifunctional units that you can find. One side can be used for working on a computer, the other for writing, and the third one for meeting with clients. You do not have to get a separate computer station or set up an area with a coffee table and tub chairs for your meetings. You get to save not only space but money as well if you invest in such a desk.
Myth 4: Desk dividers are useless.
Truth: Desk dividers give you privacy. They protect you from nosy neighbors and prevent background noises from interfering with your work. These features are great to have not only in crowded company offices but in home offices as well.
You are now better prepared to shop for office desks.
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