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Office Chairs - 7 Features for Maximum Comfort

There are two major criteria for choosing office chairs - functionality and comfort. At the same time, a highly functional chair will be of little use if it is uncomfortable for the user. But how do you ensure that a piece of sitting furniture is perfectly comfy? You simply need to look for the following features.

  1. Padded Seat

If you will work seated all day long, you certainly require a padded seat. It will reduce the pressure on the lower back considerably. Most office chairs have padding so it should not be difficult for you to make the right choice. Just make sure that the padding is neither too soft nor too firm. It is best if the upholstery material can be easily cleaned.

  1. Mesh Back

This is one of the trendiest features of office chairs. It replaces the traditional backrest padding. It turns out that the mesh material provides for much greater comfort due to its breathability. You will feel much cooler and this will certainly help to bring down both physical and mental stress.

  1. S-Shaped Backrest

This is a mandatory feature to have. This kind of shape follows the S shape of the back perfectly. It provides complete lumbar support and prevents the exertion of great pressure, especially on the lower back. With this kind of backrest, you will be able to work comfortably and productively in any sitting position.
Just keep in mind that not all S-shaped backrests are created equal. Some are more robust while others are curvier. The latter is typically better. Besides, the positive effect of the specific shape is guaranteed only when the chair's proportions match your height. To ensure that you will get the best lumbar support, you need to run a simple test. Just sit on the chair with your feet firmly on the floor and relax. If the back of your knees is two to four inches away from the front edge of the seat, then the sitting office furniture item fits perfectly.

  1. Backrest Tilt

This is another important feature of office chairs which will allow you to enjoy maximum comfort and work effectively. This is because when the angle between your chest and your thighs is greater, you can breathe better. Besides, it is great to be able to relax after an important meeting.

  1. Adjustable Height

This particular feature makes office chairs more comfortable and more functional as well. It allows you to adjust the seat's height and consequently the level of your arms when you are seated. This is really important when you are working behind an office desk with a keyboard drawer or one with two work surfaces that are at a different levels. You will enjoy maximum comfort for long hours.

  1. Armrests

It is great to have armrests when you have to type for a long time. They provide for considerable relaxation and help you concentrate when you have to make important decisions. It definitely pays off to invest in a chair with armrests that have an adjustable height.

  1. Headrest

This feature will help you keep your head up straight and prevent tension and pain in the neck and shoulders. It allows you to relax perfectly as well. It typically has a tilt for maximum comfort.
Overall, it is best if you focus your attention on office chairs which have all of these great comfort features.
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