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New Star Wars games will be developed by Detroit Become Human dev

Submitted by alenalbert on Mon, 09/20/2021 - 07:13

Developers who focus on developing games with the “interactive story” genre can indeed be counted on the fingers. In addition to Telltale Games, which should be working on The Wolf Among Us 2 right now, there is also Supermassive Games, which, under the Bandai Namco banner, continues to produce the latest series for The Dark Pictures Anthology. One other name that is not forgotten, especially with the visual quality of their charming games? Of course Quantic Dream, which in fact achieved success via a story with social and emotional values ​​that is quite evocative – Detroit: Become Human. Now, they are reportedly ready to step up to a higher level.

There hasn't been any confirmation yet, but the gaming site – DualShockers claims to have heard from a trusted source that after the 3 game contract with Sony ended in Detroit: Become Human, Quantic Dream will now stand under the Disney banner. They are currently reportedly working on a Star Wars game, although it is still unclear whether it will continue to carry the "interactive story" genre or not. Quantic has reportedly been working on this game for at least the last 18 months, although it's not clear how far the progress has been.

Neither Disney / Lucasfilm Games nor Quantic Dream themselves have spoken up to confirm or deny this news. What do you think? Does a Star Wars game with an interactive story taste with visual quality like the Quantic Dream game sound interesting to you?

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