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A New Biography of the Prehistoric Lamp

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Child baby to surrender, spread to the ears of Xiang Yu, Xiang Yu think of the original agreement, nature is not willing to so will be removed, he led his troops to Xianyang to kill, halfway, Xiang Yu suddenly heard that there is a road block, stopped, the Xiang Yu had YuJi assist, natural know monastic person's fierce, and because of the relationship between YuJi, he still have some respect for the door, He stepped forward and asked, "I don't know why you're here to stop my army. What can I do for you?" "I'm here because I can't bear to see you start to fall. I'd like to mention one or two points." The Taoist said in a deep voice. When Xiang Yu heard this, his expression changed. He immediately dismounted and came to the Taoist. He saluted and said, "Please ask this Taoist to speak inside." [Lich Number Plunder Chapter 096 The Struggle of People and People] "If you want to be a king, do you know how to be a king?" Divided into the camp, after sitting down, the Taoist asked a question first, directly asked Xiang Yu silly. The Taoist seemed to have expected that this would be the one to take over. He just smiled and did not bother much about this question. Then he asked, "You are very brave and have been in battle for a long time. What do you think is the key to victory on this battlefield?" "Morale," said Xiang Yu proudly. "Yes, morale is the key to victory, but where does morale come from?" The Taoist then asked. This problem is not simple, the battle-hardened Xiang Yu, has long understood that not by a person's brave, can solve all the problems. With the participation of immortals, a small accident, can lead to the reversal of the whole battlefield situation, although, many immortals will not kill directly, but see more means of immortals, he Xiang Yu is not the kind of self-righteous army Hou. The king thought, the Jiangdong children, why can become the elite of the army, attack all conquering invincible? The Taoist laughed and said that he had not been entangled in morale. I, Jiang Dongerlang, have one heart and one mind,Nail machine supplier, and the United front will retreat together. Naturally, I will be invincible. Xiang Yu proudly way, QinBing beside him, also proud of the chest, it seems that this write Jiang Dongerlang, to their hometown, quite a sense of belonging ah. Ha ha, the king can think so, but it is the best, just don't know if the king has ever thought, Jiang Dongerlang with thousands of, can have this record, if the king can the other half of the people of the people of one mind, what is the fighting force? Asked the Taoist. Xiang Yu listened, first one Leng. Then his eyes shone and he bowed to the Taoist, saying, "Thank you for your advice. Xiang Yu is very grateful." Then Xiang Yu felt a little embarrassed and said, "It's just that I don't know how to make the people of this half of the country unite as one. Can the Taoist teach me?"? If the Taoist is willing. After Xiang Yu became an emperor, he was willing to make the Taoist a national teacher. Xiang Yu was obedient, Coil Nail Making Machine ,Automatic nail machine, knowing that this monastic man did not like vulgar things and attached great importance to orthodoxy, so he opened his mouth and promised the position of national teacher. You have a lot of talent around you. Why don't you ask him for advice? Jiang Dongerlang is talented. The overlord should dig it out well, but he can't lose the talent of these good men. The Taoist smiled softly and then rode away in the wind. Although the speed looks very slow, but in the presence, there is no one can stop him, when the light left, these people have not reacted to come over. Jiang Dongerlang is talented and handsome. Xiang Yu read softly, back eyes shine, God came, but can't see the figure of the way. Just about to take a step forward. But there was a silk on the ground. When he picked it up, he found that the four words that made him excited were the golden body of immortality. The overlord was originally a practice maniac, but now he was delighted to see the immortal golden body. Xiang Yu looked on the spot, want to see the whole picture, but don't want to this book in a paragraph, is not the method of practice. But to tell him. He agreed with Liu bang, who first into the Guanzhong. Who is the king. When Liu Bang entered Guanzhong first, Qin Ying surrendered, and the dragon's spirit soared, and he was able to suppress Xiang Yu's dragon. Liu bang for the dragon, when the day to protect, in the future will become his enemy. Besides, there are abundant resources inside the Shanhaiguan Pass, which is a geographical advantage. Now Liu bang in the right place at the right time, he Xiang Yu want to win, the only way to go, that is and. I hope you can think more about his words when you are in trouble.
The way of a day, two days to mention and, its intention must be extraordinary, Xiang Yu also heard the fairy God algorithm magic things, put this matter in mind, in the future so little in a lot of stratagem. The Taoist left the barracks, to a very distant place, the image gradually changed, when stabilized, the face, not the lamp, who else can it be? It turned out that the remaining disciples of the sect were helpful to Xiang Yu, and the burning lamp didn't want Xiang Yu to lose too miserably, so he came out to enlighten Xiang Yu. If the rest of the disciples of this sect die thoroughly, how can the future layout and plan be realized? In particular, the Bull Demon King, the mount of Master Tongtian, will be of great use in the near future and must not have an accident. Light the lamp ran out to enlighten Xiang Yu, not to say that he intended to change this period of history, see more Dynasty replacement of him, also don't mind this history really change, maybe this history changed, will be more interesting. He is just arranging his plan step by step. In spite of this, the lamp also knows that it is not so easy to change history. This Liu bang has explain religion and people teach to help, after all, is the gas of the two religions in there pressure, although Liu bang because of his point, twists and turns may be a little more, but after all is more powerful than the remnants of the intercept religion. Last time, the lamp directly intervened in the creation, and had already fought with Taishang Laojun once. At this time, he did not want to directly interfere in the creation again, and came to yuanshi Tianzun once. To act recklessly is to have no future. The plan can only go step by step. The remaining disciples of Jiejiao can not be prevented from coming out in order to preserve them. On the contrary, if this confrontation is regarded as an experience, then the surviving disciples of Jiejiao will surely grow into independent masters. The burning lamp understood that if he continued to act recklessly,High Speed Nail Making Machine, he would only let himself have a life with all the saints, which was not only foolish, but also trifling.