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Multimeter price

Submitted by gu520yihao on Mon, 11/28/2022 - 15:36

Product Introduction
TA801 series portable multimeter are widely used in electrical measurement and electronic device testing. It is designed to comply with the IEC61010-1 standards. Different models vary from the specifications, and it can be selected to meet the needs of various groups of people.
Equipped with DC/AC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, diode, continuity test, capacitance, frequency, VFC, neutral/live wire test, non-contact voltage sensing and AC True RMS measurement function. It is an ideal digital multimeter for electronics, laboratories, factories, radio hobbyists and homes.
The portable multimeter can perform measurement up to DC/AC 600V, 600A even with a small and compact design. During the measurement process, please make sure the voltage not exceeded 600V and current should less than 10A to avoid damaging the device.
There is an NCV test point at the front end of the meter, it will emit buzzer sound and display analog bar graph according to the different strengths of the NCV signal as long as the point is close to the AC voltage. Do not forget to remove the test leads to avoid electric shock when performing NCV measurement.
鈼?HD backlight
鈼?Non contact voltage sensing
鈼?Variable frequency voltage test (only TA801C)
Product Parameter
RangeManualManual/AutoAutoAuto identification
DC voltage0.1mV~600V 卤(0.5%+2)0.1mV~600V 卤(0.8%+2)0.1mV~600V 卤(0.5%+2)0.1mV~600V 卤(0.5%+3)
AC voltage0.01V~600V 卤(1.2%+10)0.001V~600V 卤(1.0%+3)0.01mV~600V 卤(1.0%+3)0.001V~600V 卤(1.0%+3)
DC current0.1 渭A~10A 卤(1.0%+2)0.1 渭A~10A 卤(1.0%+2)0.1 渭A~10A 卤(1.0%+2)0.01mA~600mA 卤(1.2%+10)
AC current--0.1 渭A~10A 卤(1.0%+5)0.1 渭A~10A 卤(1.0%+5)0.01mA~600mA 卤(1.2%+10)
Resistance0.1惟~20M惟 卤(0.8%+3)0.1惟~60M惟 卤(0.8%+2)0.1惟~100M惟 卤(0.8%+2)0.1惟~60M惟 卤(0.8%+10)
Capacitance--1 nF~60,000渭F 卤(3.0%+5)1 nF~100,000渭F 卤(3.0%+10)1 nF~60000渭F 卤(3.0%+10)
Frequency--10Hz~10MHz 卤(0.1%+5)10Hz~10MHz 卤(0.1%+3)40Hz~10MHz 卤(0.1%+3)
Continuity testV
Data holdV
Auto power offV
Input impedance10M惟
Sampling time3 times/s
Product size148*70*42mm
Screen size49*31mm
Power2*1.5V AAA battery
WeightApprox. 200g (battery not included)
鈼?Auto identification (only TA801D)
Automatically identify the AC voltage, DC voltage, resistance, continuity test range.
鈼?NCV measurement
Turn the knob to NCV/Live, and the put the NCV sensor close to the tested object, it will appear red alarm light and audible sound once AC voltage detected.
Packing Information
Quantity: 60PCS/CTN
Carton dimension: 48*26*30.5CM
Net weight: 12.5KGS
Gross weight: 14.8KGS
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