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Mecha is a God

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A girl dressed in a blue floral kimono, with a pillow-like cloth ball tied to her slender waist, her face covered by white gauze, and her beautiful figure, walked beside him with a sweet smile: "I don't think it's all the influence of Qi Tian. After all, Sun Xingjun is a figure on the list of lethal weapons, and he is also the best of the best. The players of our alliance are here to see him." "You don't have to persuade me, of course I understand." "Eighty years ago, the financial oligarchs in the West wanted to pursue greater power and promoted the establishment of the new Roman Empire, which swept across Europe, America, Africa and even half of Asia.". We, the Freedom Alliance, have integrated other countries to fight against them. The war lasted for forty years, and the resentment between the two countries was too deep. The two major game docking, the two countries of course players to confrontation, fighting, but Qitian is to take advantage of this, there is today's influence! As for the real ability. That depends on whether he can pass the Sun Star. I also want to see what the real cards of the Sun guy are! The mad God is the sun star king of the nine obsidian stars, and this secret is only known to them who are also the nine obsidian stars. Hee hee, I'm afraid this is also one of the purposes for Ono Jun to come here. Sun claims to be the most mysterious person in the Nine Obsidian Stars. Together with us who are the Nine Obsidian Stars,plastic cosmetic tubes, we don't know his real strength. Does Ono Jun have a sense of crisis? The young girl was the new king of the alliance, Mieko, the "Jidu Xingjun" in the Nine Obsidian Stars. She was also a thinker and strategist in the Nine Obsidian Stars. Hearing this, she laughed again: "But Ono Jun should not attach too much importance to these. Don't forget that our task is to help the alliance get the secret." "Well, speaking of it, Ji Du, you are designated as a staff officer of the High Command. Do you know what the secret is?" Ouyang Xiaoye suddenly turned his head and looked deeply at Mieko. His sharp eyes seemed to see through her veil: "It's just a game. It has alarmed the military of the two countries. There are countless big shots. What is this secret and how amazing it is?" "Hey, Mude,cosmetic plastic tube, Huode and Shuide have sent messages. They have all arrived and have entered the arena. Mr. Ono, shall we hurry to meet them?" Ji Du Xing Jun Mieko smiled sweetly and naturally changed the subject and took his hand: "Go quickly." In order to meet this battle, the integrated "Iron Flow" official specially built a stadium in Hummer City for 3 million players to watch the battle at the same time. For this reason, the official used at least 30 large servers. There are 2,000 best seats in the arena, which have the function of directly substituting the first-person perspective of both sides. Such seats need 100,000 game coins, and ordinary third-person perspective seats also need tens of thousands. Now the ratio of game coins to real currency has reached one to one. Players who can enter the arena to watch are all rich and poor players. Then you can only watch the TV broadcast at home, or watch the synchronous video of the net war. The second brother, why didn't the third brother come? Did you give him the ticket? Fire and whisperer are also in the field, looking at the empty seats around, fire frowned, this is tens of thousands of yuan ah, so wasted? "Yes, aluminium laminated tube ,empty cosmetic tubes, I did. Maybe the third brother didn't come because of something?" "It's a pity," sighed the whisperer. "The game must be very exciting." "Well, things in reality are more important after all." The fire shook its head. Ladies and gentlemen, in three minutes, the battle you've been waiting for is about to begin. After the game docking, even the number of hosts has become four, Thorn Bird and Raccoon are old acquaintances of Qi Tian, but also supporters of Qi Tian. The other two, from the original "frenzy" game, are two male hosts named "Top" and "Scholar". Gyro, as his name suggests, is a big fat man with a smile on his face and a very popular look. The scholar looked much younger than him, with a buzz cut, a melon seed face, wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses, gentle and very comely.
Thorn bird dressed up very beautiful today, wearing a tight waist miniskirt, highlighting her pair of long Xiu legs, immediately attracted the attention of many players. This is Qi Tian's first battle in the iron flow, and I believe he will not disappoint you. The Thorn Bird has a clear-cut stand, which shows that it supports Qi Tian. The voice did not fall, 2189 players immediately responded with warm applause, including many players above the Marquis, did not say, is now consistent with the outside world. In the frenzy of players, there was a lot of boos. It is no wonder that for them, the mad God on the list of lethal weapons is the real master, not to mention, now the mad God represents the crazy players, is the free alliance! "I'm afraid not?" "Top" took the words with a smile, but his tone was very sharp: "The masters on the list of lethal weapons are different from Qi Tian's previous opponents. The 100% simulated battle system is not comparable to the previous 2189 battle system. I think the final winner will be the mad God." "Iron Flow" is the same as the previous "Frenzy", which is 100% simulation, while the previous virtual arena 2189 uses 70% simulation system. Although in 2189, there have been several masters on the list of lethal weapons, such as the top ten feathers and white phoenixes, but after all, it is a minority. In fact, since the merger of 2189 and Frenzy into the new "Iron Flow" game, many old players of 2189 have been unable to adapt to the 100% simulation system, and their combat effectiveness has declined seriously. On many game maps, the players from Frenzy have gained an overwhelming advantage. For this reason, it is not without justification for "Gyro" to question the strength of Qi Tian. Ha ha, 'top' brother may not understand Qi Tian, I can tell you that Qi Tian is a person who can constantly create miracles, no, he is the God of the game! If you don't believe me, let's wait and see. I promise you will change your wrong view! The big raccoon could not help but take over the words,cosmetic tube packaging, the confrontation between the hosts, is also one of the official pre-set points of view, he is not polite.