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Me, from a thousand years ago.

"Colonel Hans." Beagle raised his hand to stop the adjutant who wanted to speak and looked up at the steward. "It's a war now, and the fighter planes are fleeting. Can we talk about those damned etiquette when we win after the war?". Don't you see that little girl of the Empire is also neatly heading sideways with the fleet? At this point, he muttered with some helplessness: "Roddenberry that guy is really good luck, to me here is just a little girl?"? I hear she's also the sister of the Grand Admiral? To be a lieutenant general at this age, the imperial rank system is really enviable. I hope she won't be scared to cry during the fight. "Your Excellency!" Hearing the commander's increasingly unreliable words, the moustache on the official lips was lifted. "The intelligence department has a very high opinion of Lieutenant General Lin.". Just half a month ago, she led the fleet to defeat two federal fleets and successfully captured two senior federal military officials. "Is it?" Major General Beagle looked surprised, apparently having never heard of such a thing. Moments later he raised his eyebrows and said, "If that's the case, then you can look forward to her a little bit." Hearing Beagle's words, the steward standing behind him rolled his eyes helplessly. Sir, the radar has picked up the trail of the Federation fleet. Within thirty minutes of the fleet flanking the battle zone, the signalman sent word that radar had detected the power source of the Federation fleet. Continue to report. Lin Jian ordered. The number of warships in the other fleet is about thirteen thousand, and the speed is 0. 000012 light seconds, which is not very fast. At the rate we're going, we'll be in range in 16 minutes. "Inform the whole fleet to slow down, maintain formation and move forward." Lin Jian ordered, "release the vanguard ship and explore the central star field.". Let the star mapping office submit the position of the upcoming engagement, and the engineer ship will deploy ballistic missiles ahead of time. Chapter 240 Sent Offensive and Defensive Warfare (IV) The other fleet had been captured in the wide-angle detector, and Lin Jian stood on the bridge looking at the wide-angle detector above the electronic crystal screen. In terms of time, the Beagle fleet should also be where they should be. Sure enough, only a minute later, the beam of the first particle cannon shot itself out of the Beagle fleet in the center. The whole team opens two guns, the armored ship retreats, and pays attention to the movement of the rear. Lin Jian looked at the detector, and the Federation fleet reacted very quickly, apparently discovering the two fleets coming towards their siege. The Federation fleet was in a C-shaped array, facing two incoming fleets on the periphery. There was a degree of movement, and it was obvious that he was not flustered. It is impossible to say that they are unprepared. After the formation was formed, the Federation fleet began to attack the Beagle fleet, while the armored ships were on the side of the Linjian fleet, and the other side seemed to be trying to avoid the attack of the Eighth Fleet of the Empire. The other side doesn't care about us. Brant said with a smile on the electronic screen, while Florence was silent and did not answer on the other screen. It's hard to say. Lin Jian shook his head, plastic bulk containers ,plastic pallet bins, "the other side's response, it is possible that their main direction of attack is the central star field.". But it's also possible that it's paralyzing us. Brant, you have to pay attention to the situation behind us. "I know." Brant nodded. Florence, you take the sub-fleet and begin to attack the inside of the C. Confessing Brant, Lin Jian turned his head to give orders to Florence, and then saw the commander of the sub-fleet nod away from the screen. The words of this family are getting more and more silent, and they are catching up with Lin Mo. What the other side is thinking about will be known when Florence goes around with four thousand warships. Brant said. At this time, Lin Jian also received a report from the Sisti side that the Imperial Ninth Fleet and the Alliance Galactica Fleet had exchanged fire with the two Federation fleets. In this way, the pressure in the direction of the central star field is much less. Lin Jian frowned and listened to the report of the communication soldier, feeling that something was wrong.
She stopped the signalman's report with a wave of her hand, strode back to the bridge, and shouted to Brant, who had not yet left the communication, "Let the fleet attack in a sharp cone immediately!"! Stay behind Florence, quickly! Startled, Brant asked, "What's the matter?" "Even if there is a fleet in the central area, the scale will not be very large, and now the Sith are at war with the other two fleets, which are fully capable of involving Beagle's fleet.". We have set up a mine group behind us, and there is no movement yet. I suspect that Rear Admiral Beagle's enemy map is not accurate, and the possibility of the Federation fleet coming from the periphery is very high! Lin Jian quickly explained, "Now the reaction of the Federation fleet is also likely to confuse us!" After Lin Jian gave the order, the Eighth Fleet immediately changed from a cross-shaped formation to a cone-shaped formation. From the wide-angle detector, it looked like a drop of water dripping rapidly toward the sub-fleet ahead. What's wrong Beagle frowned when he saw the Imperial Eighth Fleet circling behind the Federation fleet. "Still circling behind in this case?" According to his previous arrangement, it was obvious that Lin Jian's handling at this time was very improper. On the premise that the Federation fleet gathered in the central star field, the Eighth Fleet moved to the periphery, apparently suspected of evading the battle. Sir, do you want to communicate with General Lin? The adjutant asked in a low voice. No need! The war itself is a war between us and the Federation. Although I agree with Mr. Lu's policy of asking the Empire for assistance, I can't rely on outsiders all the time on the battlefield. Beagle shook his head and refused the adjutant's offer. The battle situation changed quickly, and the Federation fleet's warships were more advanced than the Alliance's, both in terms of artillery power and maneuverability. Beagle soon felt the suppression of the other side, which is the gap in hard power, which he has experienced in these battles, so he did not panic in the face of this situation, but calmly commanded the fleet to make an effective response. By this time,collapsible bulk containers, the Eighth Fleet had already maneuvered, and the fleet plunged straight into the C shape of the Federation Fleet in a sharp cone. Just after the completion of this March, the accident happened.