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The Mahindra Blazo X 40: Kolkata's Ultimate Hauling Solution


In the heart of Kolkata where logistics and transportation are the basis of industrial growth, the Mahindra Blazo X 40 Tractor Trailer in Kolkata showcases the big hauling energy of the machine. This re-engineered behemoth, and the first of its kind for the truck industry is dictating standards in terms of performance, efficiency, and cost-benefit.

A Workhorse Built for Demanding Loads:

With a formidable 7200cc diesel engine that generates over 280 horsepower, the Mahindra's Blazo X 40 is built to conquer the harshest conditions while providing a leisurely ride. This tractor-trailer has a GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) of 39,500kg, making it quite capable of easily handling heavier loads, thus suitable for companies that use efficient transport as their main tool.

Yet it's not only about brut power. While the Blazo X 40 diesel engine is well known for its efficiency, the fuel efficiency is substantially increased by the aerodynamic design. This results in the fact that fleet operators and owner-drivers can benefit from huge spending cuts making it a wise decision in the long term.

Unbeatable Value for Your Investment:

In Kolkata, where the economy of operation is a paramount consideration for businesses, the Mahindra Blazo X 40 tractor-trailer stands out as the undisputable value for money. Mahindra blazo x 40 price in kolkata is Rs. 33.04 lakhs (ex-showroom). It is the perfect combination of performance and reliability at an affordable price.

To add to the cherry, TrucksBuse's new products are available with attractive finance options and EMI plans for the Mahindra Blazo X 40. The sum collected is Rs. 59,162 per month and the total amount due is Rs. 35.5 lakhs.

Whether you're a logistics operator with years of experience or an entrepreneur striving for an enlarged business in Kolkata, the Mahindra Blazo X 40 is worth your attention. This tractor-trailer will change how businesses transport goods from the city to the countryside due to its incomparable power, fuel efficiency, and low cost of ownership.