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Lotus Treasure Mirror

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At this time, in the seventeenth dormitory, Helen sat in a chair with her eyes closed and meditated. Next to her stood a middle-aged woman, whose appearance and dress were very ordinary, like one of the countless middle-aged maids on the street. Miss, what are you thinking? Today I saw you peeking at the yard next door. Did you take a fancy to that handsome boy? "Su Lan, don't joke, leave me alone!"! Francis's eyes are the same as those of the fighting God who saved me! "Is it possible?"? He is just an ordinary student, only fifteen years old this year! Su Lan is surprised: "And only from the eyes can not identify a person, ah, human eyes are very fickle." Do you remember? I told you I used dementors on the fighting God before he saved me! Sulan stuck out her tongue in surprise-the way she expressed her surprise. Text Chapter 60 Waste Arthur (1) Three days passed in a flash. During these three days, Harry gave Du Chen a lot of useful information. After Du Chen sent the information to his eldest brother Steve, he began to prepare for intensive training. On the third day, all the freshmen gathered in Dou Shen Square at the time of registration, and were divided into groups according to their languages. Du Chen and all the students who spoke the common language of the mainland were divided into the second group. Coincidentally, when they lined up, Annie, the witch Helen, stood behind Du Chen. Hello, Francis, it seems that we are not only neighbors, but also in the same group in training! Helen said softly behind Du Chen. Is it? That's not necessarily true! Du Chen smiled and thought to himself,Warehouse storage racks, did he recognize himself? Damn it, always wear a blindfold when you cover your face. Helen in the back was also wondering whether he was the fighting God or not? Find a chance to test it when you are training. The two men had their own ideas, and neither of them spoke. Then Du Chen saw Steve not far away from him, and more happily, his friend in the exam, Sino Dwarf Sam, was not far away. It seems that this black child is the second batch to report for duty. Freshmen, keep your mouths shut! A strong man with black face,Narrow aisle rack, black beard and black armor came to the high platform in front of the square, and his voice was like dull thunder, "I am Dean Ricardo!"! But there are many students who call me the devil with black face in private, and I like this title! You can call me that, too, but I'm sure it won't be long before you find out that the damn black-faced guy in front of you is more terrible than the devil! The dean's first lecture gave the students a sense of foreboding. I hate talking nonsense! From now on, drive your servants and entourage back to the dormitory, and then run around Dou Shen Island ten times, pointing to a student in front of you, "Run with me!"! I warn you, anyone who dares to use fighting spirit in the course of running, I will fire him! "Dou Shen bless, don't you have to fight?"? I'm going to die! Students who do not know the situation lament again and again, but a few students who can'behave 'and get the news in advance are confident that they are ready. Du Chen did not have detailed data on how far it was to run around Doushen Island, but after looking at the map issued by the college and the scene in front of him, he found that if Doushen Island was as big as a person, pipe cantilever rack ,Cantilever Storage rack, the three thousand freshmen were lined up in a long snake, which was at most equivalent to a small caterpillar on a human body. As Ricardo led the race, he loudly announced the rules. It was very simple. The crescent-shaped Dou Shen Island set up two transit stations at the tip of the crescent moon. Every student who ran here would get a tag. If he got twenty tags, he would prove that he had run ten laps. However, there are hidden surveillance points along the way to test whether the students are using fighting spirit, and if they are found to be using fighting spirit, they will be expelled immediately. The black-faced devil led everyone to run around, let the students identify the path and then let the students run by themselves. He sat in the square where he started, holding a stick in his mouth and sitting on a recliner to bask in the sun. Without the help of fighting spirit, after a lap, the students'physique immediately separated, most of the magic fighters fell behind, while Du Chen ran slowly in the front. Helen followed him from the beginning to the end.
"Classmate Francis, did you board the ship from the port of Antwerp and come to the Academy?" Helen asked. Du Chen answered casually, "All the freshmen in Lanningkao District boarded the ship from the port of Antwerp." When did you arrive in Antwerp? Did you see the thrilling siege by pythons? "Yes, I was hiding in the basement. Annie, did you see it?" I saw it, too! In this way, the two men ran while testing each other. The second lap, the third lap.. By the time of the fifth lap, it was already dark, and Du Chen was still running slowly with the same inner strength of the lotus, while Helen was a little overwhelmed. Annie, it seems that your strength is not enough, so don't run so fast, I'll go first! Du Chen suddenly accelerated and threw Helen away at once. His constitution is so strong! Helen wanted to catch up with Du Chen, but she was unable to do so. She looked at Du Chen's back and smiled. Suddenly she shouted, "My constitution seems to be much stronger than normal human beings!" "My body has been modified, which all the teachers in the college know. What's wrong with running faster?"? Goodbye, beautiful Annie! Little girl, want to test me? Du Chen sniggers, this way he already had a bottom in his heart, Helen must doubt his identity, but still can not be sure, so he kept testing. He continued to run, and when he came to the edge of a dense jungle, he suddenly saw his eldest brother Steve and Sam, a dwarf named Sinor, sitting on the roadside, breathing heavily. Brother, Sam, why don't you run away? "Damn brother, can you compare the constitution of our demon fighters?" Sam also shouted: "Brother Francis, run quickly, the first place just buckled us a lap, you run quickly, strive for the first place!" " All right, I'll go first! Du Chen waved to them and quickened his pace. Anyway, all the teachers in the college knew that he had been reformed,Steel racking system, so there was nothing wrong for him to win the first place without fighting. After a while, in the sixth lap, Du Chen finally caught up with the first place. Followed by a sudden froze.