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The little goddess said in a panic, "No, no!"! I didn't kill him! Who would have thought that the knife in his hand was so useless that it could not compare with a thin board. I just pulled it hard, and it broke and flew into his head. How could I say that I killed him? Zhang Ziqiang stabbed angrily: "Little girl, I'll fight with you!" At the same time, he drank the two kidnappers who were staying. "Why don't you kill the little girl together?" These two people can be said to be the only two living people left in this group of kidnappers. Hearing Zhang Ziqiang's angry shout, they also drew their knives and rushed up together. Zhang Ziqiang quickly stabbed out more than ten killer swords in a row, none of which was a false move, all of which were deadly moves, plus the knives of the two kidnappers, which formed a sword shadow knife net. First, the little goddess was like a phantom in the net of swords and knives. Then, with a slight move, the knife in the hands of one kidnapper hit the head of another kidnapper. The man fell down with a scream. Then she stretched out her hand and pinched the sword that Zhang Ziqiang had stabbed. With a bang, the sword broke, and the broken sword flew into Zhang Ziqiang's chest again. Zhang Ziqiang stared at the little goddess: "You,shuttle rack system, you..." Also fell down and ended up like a big man with a fleshy face: his weapon was inserted into his deadly place. The remaining kidnapper, who first saw the knife in his hand and killed his companion, was already stunned. After seeing that even his leader Zhang Ziqiang had fallen down and died, he was scared out of his wits and turned to flee. How could the little goddess allow him to run out? Out of the air, he sealed his rabbit hole. He fell to the ground with a "bang". This group of kidnappers, who have committed numerous crimes recently,heavy duty metal racks, have all been extinguished by the little goddess. Even the kidnappers outside the hall were killed by their own arrows. For their arrows were all quenched with deadly poison, and even if they did not hit the vital point, they were soon poisoned to death, and none of them survived. The little goddess picked up a knife on the ground and pointed to the only living kidnapper and asked, "You?"? Do you want to die or live? The kidnapper said in horror, "I, I, I want to give birth. Please let the little man live." "You want to give birth well!"! So where are the three people you kidnapped now? "In, in, in a stone house in the backyard." "Well!"! And where is the gold and silver you extorted? "Little, little, warehouse pallet racks ,warehousing storage solutions, little, no, I don't know." What!? You don't know? The little goddess raised the knife in her hand. Little people really don't know. The gold and silver were all collected by Brother Qiang. He only gave the brothers a hundred or ten taels to use outside each time, and the rest belonged to him. All right! You take me to the stone house and let me out! As the little goddess said, she kicked open his rabbit hole. Get up! But I advise you to obey my orders honestly, and you can't run away if you want to. "Yes, yes!" The kidnapper got up slowly. Had he not been personally on the scene, he would not have believed that in a twinkling of an eye, a little girl with yellow hair could have killed Zhang Ziqiang and his face, and that the knife in his hand would have cut off his companion's head. The little goddess said, "Go!" The kidnapper walked out of the hall with trepidation. He saw the bodies of three bandits lying on both sides of the hall corridor. He was even more frightened. He thought to himself: Is this little girl a God or a demon? Otherwise, why are all the people outside dead? That can only be done by the magic of immortals or the sorcery of monsters. The kidnapper was even more disorderly. Carrying a torch, he obediently took the little goddess to a stone house in the backyard and said, "They are locked up inside." As soon as the little goddess looked, a big iron lock locked the door of the stone house and asked, "Is there no key to open it?" "The key may be on Brother Qiang. The little man will go back to look for it." "Hey!"! Don't go! "How do you open it?" With the tip of a knife, the little goddess made a slight stroke on the iron lock. With a clang, a big iron lock broke into two pieces and fell down. The door of the stone house opened. The kidnapper was even more dumbfounded. An ordinary knife, in the hands of the little goddess, turned into a magic weapon, a precious sword, and cut the big iron lock like tofu! The kidnapper was more convinced that the little girl in front of him was a fairy in the sky.
It seems that Brother Qiang and Fleshy Face have done too much evil, so God sent this little fairy down to earth to punish them and rescue the hostages. The little goddess looked at the stone house in the light of the fire and saw that the three hostages had been tied to their hands and feet, each tied to a big stone lock, with a frightened look on her face. Look at their clothes are leftover materials, two are young sons, one is an elderly man, dressed outside the staff. It seems that they are all rich families who were kidnapped by kidnappers and came here. The little goddess cut the ropes on them one by one with a knife and said, "You don't have to be afraid anymore. The kidnappers are all dead. You can go home!" The three hostages looked at each other in astonishment. They could not believe the facts in front of them, nor could they believe the words of the little goddess. Even if someone came to the rescue, it would not be such a minor girl. They looked at the little goddess and the kidnapper, still sitting on the ground and not daring to move. "What's the matter with you?" Asked the little goddess? Why don't you get up? Are you hurt? The two young men did not dare to speak. The old man hesitated and asked, "Little girl, will you let us go?" "Yes!" Where is my family? Why didn't you come? "What?"? Your family? Your family was tied up here too? So where are they? The little goddess asked the kidnapper, "This old man's family, where did you lock him up?" The kidnapper was at a loss. "He has no family!"! I know it was brother Qiang who led people to kidnap him from Bakai Town alone, and he never had any family with him. The old man was even more confused: "Didn't my family bring ransom money to ransom me?" The little goddess said,shuttle rack system, "Hey!"! Old man, your family didn't bring the ransom. "Then how will you let me go?" "I came to save you, old man!" "Did the little girl come to save us?" "Yes!"! Get up and get out of here with me. No one dares to hurt you again! "Really?" "Hey!"! Why don't you believe it? 。