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Learn How DECAF Coffee is Made

Millions of people start their day with the rich aroma and mesmerizing flavor of coffee. One hot cup of caffeinated drink in the morning is fine to kick start the day. However, the amount of caffeine that enters your system throughout the day does more harm than good.
That’s where the miraculous decaf coffee comes in. It is not just a buzzword which is used excessively by millennials on social media. Decaf coffee beans are actually very beneficial. The hot cup of joe made with decaf beans offers the classic taste of coffee without the harmful effects of caffeine.
Are you wondering how they strip off caffeine from coffee? We’ll discuss the process in detail so keep on reading.
How is decaf coffee made?
Decaf or decaffeinated coffee is made from regular coffee beans except for the additional process where the caffeine is washed off from the beans. There are different processes for stripping off caffeine. Some brands use chemicals like ethyl acetate or methylene chloride to remove caffeine, whereas some brands use the Swiss water decaffeination method.
The decaffeination process involves steaming and rinsing the coffee beans repeatedly in solvents to preserve the taste while getting rid of the stimulating effect of caffeine. To be considered decaf, the coffee beans need to be 97% caffeine free.
Which are the best decaf espresso beans?
The most trusted method of decaf is the Swiss Water process. This method uses only water to wash off the caffeine. It is better than chemically processed decaf because the coffee beans can be 99.9% free from caffeine. Secondly, chemically prepared decaf is not that great in flavor. Whereas, the Swiss Water processed decaf performs incredibly in preserving the taste, texture and aroma of coffee beans.
Where to buy swiss water decaf coffee?
When searching for decaf coffee, make sure to go with brands that adhere to the natural decaffeination process. It reduces the potential side effects of chemical solvents. Secondly, there are lots of decaf coffee brands in the market, and selecting one can be slightly overwhelming for beginners. The idea is to go with a non-GMO certified organic decaf coffee. It ensures rich flavor, aroma and unbeatable texture of beverages. In addition to this, don’t forget the Swiss Water logo on the coffee bag to ensure its authenticity.
Organic decafs can be easily found online. Simply make use of the internet and search for certified organic Swiss water process decaf coffee and you can choose the desired blend and flavor online.
Bottom line
The decaffeination process is relatively simple but very important for regular coffee without caffeine. If you are an avid fan of java, you might not want to compromise on the taste. So it is recommended to go with chemical free decaf coffee. You can also try out the decaf espresso by Blue Spruce Decaf Coffee Co. It is one of the most trusted Swiss water processed decaf coffee brands online that offers a full 30 day money back guarantee. Order your bag of rich and organic coffee blends from this brand and thank us later.