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The Latest Trends in Desks for the Office

It is a common misconception that office furniture does not change greatly as time passes. It is true that the advancement is not as fast as in technology, but there are great new ideas that easily turn into trends. This is especially the case with major items such as desks. Find out more about the latest and greatest trends in this category.
Treadmill Desks
These have been around for several years now and their popularity is constantly on the rise. Even leading manufacturers have included such technologically advanced furniture items in their product range. The idea behind them is very simple - you work and exercise at the same time.
The typical office desks have a higher countertop so that the user can type, make phone calls, do research and take notes while walking on the treadmill positioned below. On average, users walk at some 1.4 miles an hour while performing their work tasks.
The exercise lowers the risk of back pain and strain, keeps the heart rate, the breathing and the energy levels normal and helps workers stay alert. The major drawback is that it is quite challenging to get used to performing work tasks while walking. Still, you will most likely get used to it.
This has been a leading trend for several years now and it covers everything from office furniture to bedroom furniture. Minimalism is characterized with basic forms and no details. The functionality, comfort and beauty come from the form itself.
Some desks influenced by this trend have only legs and a countertop which form an inverse u-shape. Others have a single-leg base with flat extensions for stability and glass countertop. You can also find foldable models and ones which are meant to be mounted on wall.
Multifunctional Designs
This trend has got major importance in recent years as companies prefer to keep smaller offices for the purpose of lowering costs. The multifunctional designs contribute to office ergonomics. There are desks with integrated filing cabinets and shelves.
There are L-shaped desk models which have one part folding under the other for maximum functionality in any work environment. There are also creations with integrated lounge chair for relaxation. Some models for home use have privacy dividers which can be folded flat so that the desk turns into a dining table.
You should definitely consider these trends when you go shopping for desks for your office. They will give you the inspiration which you require to make the best choice.
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