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Jeff Antwi: One of the things we want to clarify with fans and the community

Jeff Antwi: One of the things we want to clarify with fans and the community FUT 23 Coins is that street football is something that’s been asked of us, especially indoor football, by the community for years and years now. The thing about FIFA 23 we want people to understand is that it’s not FIFA Street — it’s street football. The key difference here is that FIFA 23 is built on the foundation of the FIFA engine for the first time ever.

What this allowed us to do, for gameplay specifically, was develop gameplay on top of an already established engine and benefit from all of the enhancements and improvements of FIFA. This also allowed us to use that same intelligence to develop a really refined street football experience. The mode isn’t just about tricks and dancing on the ball and all that; it’s still fundamentally about scoring goals and still also has a good level of competitiveness to it. We’ve been able to layer on all the flair of street football on top of this solid foundation.

Touching on your comment about the mode not being all about dancing, which I quickly came to learn, you still have the fundamentals of football including passing, movement and movement off the ball. How simple or difficult was it with the engine in place to build on that and then add all the street elements and street gameplay that FIFA would need?

I wouldn’t necessarily say it was difficult for us but was more of a focus for us. Because of this engine, we were able to build and put enough energy behind the mode and not worry about fundamental changes. For example, Shaun will probably speak on strafe dribbling and what that change will bring the for the [11-on-11] game.

We were able to take that same dynamic one-on-one system and apply it FUT 23 Coins for sale
to FIFA because in the mode you’ll still need to beat your defender and navigate the tight space, as well as having the ball quickly at your feet and change directions, which are all a big deal. The transition between the gameplay improvements and FIFA was a nice transition and crossover effort that allowed us to create and deliver an authentic street football experience.