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Invincible Login Gift Pack System

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Buqingyun black hair without wind automatically up, fluttering backward, holding a halberd in both hands, Bujia Xuanji nine-style halberd display, a wave higher than a wave, a heavy and heavy superposition, and finally formed an unprecedented three Zhangs long blue light virtual shadow long halberd. The swift tornado has hit the eyes! The shadow halberd was lifted high and suddenly cut down, bursting into a dazzling light and a deafening sound. Rumble.. A bolt of thunder and lightning was ready to come out, but it did not come down to this side, but flashed constantly above, as if to warn the people below not to go beyond the limits of imprisonment. Win?! Sima Ran Feng stopped his movements and looked ahead at the luster that broke out like Kim Il, slightly raising the corners of his mouth, as did the other three. When the dazzling light dissipated completely, a huge pit about several feet deep appeared, and there was no one inside. Ha ha ha A blow can not bear, directly into powder, no bones left! They laughed, but the expression on their faces had not yet solidified, they became stiff, their faces suddenly changed, their pupils widened, and they could not believe that they had forgotten everything. The shadow halberd, which was about thirty feet long in the sky,Ozone generator ceramic plate, fell from the sky, and the person who controlled it was the young man who they thought had turned into powder! Invincible crit amulet! Unmatched in power! "Bang.." The deafening sound resounded, and all four of them were struck by the shadow halberd. At the same time, they were awakened from the shock by the pain on their bodies. Just as they were about to scream, they felt that all their internal organs had moved, many meridians were broken, and blood was constantly spitting out of their mouths. They pointed to what the young man who came slowly wanted to say, but they could not enunciate clearly. Bu Qingyun came to Sima Ran Feng with a frightened face. He picked up his body and asked, "Chu Fei was killed by you?" Sima Ran Feng felt the fear that death was coming. He hesitated and could not speak. As soon as he opened his mouth,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, blood gushed out and splashed on the face of the young man opposite. His face was pale and he shook his head. Not dead? "Whoo, whoo.." Sima Ran Feng can not speak, can only nod to show the meaning, he now only hope that the other side can put their own, stay in the green hills do not worry about firewood. In the face of death, the original insufferably arrogant four people no longer have that kind of superior expression, but with the eyes of begging for mercy to look at Buqingyun, his face pale and show the expression of hope. I knew you wouldn't die so easily. Ha ha ha ha.. Bu Qingyun's whole body was covered with blood, especially his big face, his hair was disheveled and his clothes were disheveled. It was very strange to carry a person laughing like this. Beg. Beg. Please. You Nope Sima Ran Feng was finally able to speak, but he was still gushing blood from his mouth as he spoke. Bu Qingyun did not wait for him to speak, directly waved his big hand, threw it out, hit a big tree, the man from the back, the whole body bone inch broken and shattered, Ceramic Band Heater ,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, that kind of heart-rending pain so that Sima Ran Feng stare big eyes, as if to come out of his eyes, but also covered with blood. He did not die, and he suffered so much that his life was worse than death. Sima Ran Feng pointed at Bu Qingyun, trying to speak but unable to say it. In the end, he could not bear the unbearable pain. With his last strength, he bit his tongue and committed suicide, but his eyes were staring. The remaining three saw a look of despair and fear in their pupils, a look of fear and a desire to crawl away. Bu Qingyun did not look at them more than once, these people are five viscera and six bowels moved, meridians have broken in many places, now is just lingering [ Qishu Network], after a short time, will naturally end up with the same fate as Sima Dye Wind, and the kind of pain will suffer their nerves, this is more uncomfortable than death! Just as Buqingyun was about to leave, there was a sound of footsteps in his ears, and at the same time there was a charming drink. Hum! There you are! Give me back my blade! Maybe I'll leave you with a whole body, or I'll take you apart and cut you into pieces! The speaker is a woman, her face is red and green, she will think of that day by the frivolous picture, and then think of being taken away from the treasure, this person is Tang Xiulin.
A group of them had just seen that there was a lot of fighting here, so they slowly approached, but when they got close, they found that it was the man who grabbed the treasure with a horizontal knife. They all blew their noses and stared at each other, and ran out angrily. The first is naturally the most angry Tang Xiulin, followed by Jiang Yulong, his face is normal, can not see any emotional fluctuations, hidden very deep. Bu Qingyun didn't have the mind to fight with these people at this time. Sima Ran Feng said that Chu Fei was not dead, but he must have been badly hurt to escape. At this time, I'm afraid he was in a place of self-cultivation. He had to find him first. If he was the first to go, I'm afraid it would be bad luck! Chapter 78 please don't chase me again. Weakly ask: I recommend 850 yuan now. Can't I rush to 1000 yuan today? I hope you can give me your support! Thank you! PS: If you recommend two thousand yuan tomorrow, would you like to add another chapter? It's up to you whether it's okay or not!] "Your waist is very thin and soft, and you look good, but it's not my cup of tea. Don't chase me." After leaving such a sentence, Buqingyun turned around and left. . When Tang Xiulin heard this, she blushed and did not know the overtones. She immediately flew into a rage, pinched the corners of her clothes with both hands, and then caught up with her without saying a word. The rest of the people could not help laughing when they heard this, but they soon stopped smiling and caught up with them. Jiang Yulong seems to be unhurried, leisurely follow, can not see what he is thinking at this time, or he hides very well, a gentleman's posture. Friends in front, I hope you can return the blade to Miss Tang. He said as he ran after him, with a deliberate look, a soft tone, and no affectation. Bu Qingyun had been looking at him before, but he was not sure how he was. At this time, listening to his tepid words,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, he really thought he was a gentleman. But if Rao is like this, what does it have to do with him? Is there any reason to hand over the treasure you got here? She immediately replied, "This thing was given to me by Sister Tang herself. I pinched her slender waist to prove it." 。