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Information About AAMI Park Rectangular Stadium

AAMI Park is one of Australia’s premier rectangular venues, notably acclaimed for hosting Melbourne’s most celebrated sport and entertainment events.

The Stadium is home to a range of professional sporting teams, including Melbourne Victory and Melbourne City (Football), Melbourne Storm (Rugby League) and Melbourne Rebels (Rugby Union).

Melbourne’s Rectangular Stadium is built for soccer, rugby union and rugby league. With a capacity of over 30,000, the new stadium has a cutting-edge bioframe roof, and its spectacular shape lends a new dimension to Melbourne’s famous sporting precinct stretching along the Yarra River.

In contrast to most countries, many sports stadiums in Australia are oval to accommodate cricket and/or Aussie Rules Football but rectangular is a better fit for rugby and soccer and this stadium fulfills Melbourne’s need for a venue for these sports. In addition, the facility has played host to a number of other events from Taylor Swift concerts to Monster truck rallying. 토토사이트


AAMI Park was built between 2007 and 2010. The first event at the stadium, on 7 May 2010, was a Rugby League match. The first football match was played a few month later, on the 7th of August, when Melbourne Heart lost 0-1 to the Central Coast Mariners.

The total project cost was AUD 267.5 million. The stadium was initially planned to hold 20,000 seats, which was later raised to 30,000 at the request of Melbourne Victory.

AAMI Park’s most characteristic feature is its bio-frame design with a geodesic dome roof, which requires 50% less steel than a regular roof. The exterior of the stadium consists of triangular panels, which can be lit up with thousands of led lights.

Apart from football, the stadium is also used for rugby matches.