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Importance of Proof-reading and Editing in essay writing:

Essay writing has a unique importance in all educational institutes. It is a mandatory subject in all degree programs. It plays a vital role in raising the writing standard of students.
It is a genre of writing that demands an essay writer to express his thoughts, feelings, and ideas significantly. As it is a formal kind of writing, it accepts only meaningful and particular content. 
An essay is a short piece of writing that is also referred to as story-telling. It encourages students to weave their personal experiences, thoughts, and ideas significantly according to the assigned topic.
Teachers give high importance to essay writing in all academic institutes. It acts as a reliable tool for them. They assign several essays to their students every week. It helps them in assessing their writing skills.
In contrast, students also consider it an essential subject in their academic career. They cannot survive if they don't learn to write error-free content. 
Putting pen to paper is a simple task, but writing a top-notch essay is a challenging job. Even the scribblers and top-echelon writers labor hard while compiling an exemplification essay
Notably, even professional writers make typos and grammatical errors while writing an essay. It ruins a whole writing effort of writers.
Students at the initial stage of writing spend a lot of time on research. They collect data and different pieces of information and then compile an informative essay. In the end, they make a mistake of submitting the writing assignment without proof-reading it.
Importance of Proof-reading:
Proof-reading is a process of going through the written content thoroughly. It helps a writer to look for any spelling mistake, inappropriate use of punctuation marks, and misuse of words in the writing material.
Students consider proof-reading as a secondary practice to follow. They don't read the content after writing it. A few students often read the topic thoroughly only when they get extra time after completing the writing task.

It is imperative to mention here that even professional writers make several mistakes when they compile essays. But they realize the importance of writing error-free content. That's why once they're done with writing the content, they read it time and again to subdue spelling and grammatical errors.
Importance of editing:
If you're a neophyte writer or a student, you must know that even the top-echelon writers rewrite their content before finalizing it.
Writing a spending and presentable essay demands a writer to go through deeply on his written content over and over again. It is a must-follow step in narrative essay writing. It comes at a point when a writer is about to finalize the content.
It is a process that urges students to rephrase, remove, edit, or add the content before finalizing the essay. It happens that students may not be able to mention ideas, thoughts, or different pieces of information remarkably. This step provides them a final chance to reconsider the written content.

It helps a writer to express his ideas properly. It makes the content appealing and readable. As students are at the learning phase of writing lengthy essays, they often make the mistake of putting an idea or a piece of information at the wrong place. 
Writing is not about putting pen to paper only. It demands a student to put the right piece of work in the correct position.
Students must also notify the literary work done by an essay writing service. A student will never find a spelling mistake or grammatical error in content written by a professional writer. The reason is that a professional writer looks for typos and grammatical errors after writing the content.
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