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I Know This Seems Like It Could Be'Dull' Or'Time Consuming'

Submitted by Kingang on Fri, 08/14/2020 - 16:24

I know this seems like it could be'dull' or'time consuming', but I believe if done correctly, it would help new players transition from being powerless online to being somewhat aggressive. I believe that it would be great for NBA 2K21 in growing loyal fans. FIFA is really good at doing these type of things and I truly think NBA2K could match that quality if they wanted.

Wish For 2K21 MyCareer

Give vc for winning awards and dunk contest. Rookie of the year 500-1000 vc, mvp 1000-2000 vc DPOY 1000-1500 vc, dunk contest/3pt competition 750-1250 vc etc. Add numerous storylines depending on position, play fashion, etc. having the exact same storyline for everyone gets boring. If you create my players it adds flexibility and does not become stale. Additionally give more choices to get what your participant can say, for media conferences. Only having two answers gets repetitive and dull after a time.

Cosmetic matters such like a player on your team is injured he should be on the bench together with your teammates hyping up the active gamers, players talking trash while in the free throw line etc. little things like that go a long way. Players showing emotion in NBA 2K21 game will be fine. Also once you win championships will be cool also, adding banners adding items will be nice. Also if a player was really worth getting his jersey add that in the rafters too.

Insert it is going to be more interactive and it'll make players strive to attempt to perform better at the nba. Start out with mycareer with it eventually you can build up to adding in park for the WNBA. Don't make badges value more. I didn't start hitting 3's in a rate that is constant until I obtained HoF badges.

Say you retire you are myplayer and he gets the HoF, do a cross with myGM and continue his legacy being a GM and he is famous for what you did on the court throughout his career. Redefine myplayer nation. I've seen plenty of guys (like myself) play their game then their mycareer gets glitched and become unplayable. Fixing things that are simple like that may take time but it is going to create NBA 2K21 10x better. Being in a position to generate a my career with friends. I would say 2-8 of you guys. Can make your my players in the same league you all do the mix, summer league, g league etc. get drafted and play through the season competing. User games would be your teams together with you controlling your player playing against simple other at the same time.

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