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I have a secret.

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Separated by a pavilion and a pool, Huang Dan caught a glimpse of Uncle Liu, with a tall figure beside him. Just a quick glance, Huang Dan's line of sight fell on the figure's buttocks, blocking too many things, there are flowers and plants, unknown trees, he wanted to see more clearly. By the time Huang Dan came to his senses, he had arrived at his destination at the fastest speed. Lu bandit a light gray sportswear, three-dimensional facial features, handsome appearance, mature man's breath is very heavy, he came out to breathe the air after the rain, found in front of the uncle running panting, kind to help. I didn't know that if I helped him, he would be in trouble. Grandpa is not happy, saying that you think I am too old to run, right? The land bandits don't know why. Huang Dan looked at Uncle Liu and looked up at the tall man in front of him. He learned from his third brother that this was the returnee upstairs, the bandit. Despite knowing the cause and effect, Huang Dan still asked, his eyes did not move away from the man, "Grandpa, what's wrong?" Uncle Liu hummed. He pulled his big vest to wipe his face and nagged about the matter. Huang Dan noticed that the man breathed a sigh of relief, as if he was glad that Uncle Liu had not added oil and vinegar and reversed black and white. This gentleman is worried about your health. Uncle Liu was ungrateful. "What are you worried about? I'm fine." He had a complaint in his heart and refused to accept his old age. "You young people really treat us old people as tofu. This can't be done, that can't be done. We are not old enough to walk!" Huang Dan appeased Uncle Liu, and Yu Guang kept sweeping to the man. Uncle Liu's straight face eased down, and then he introduced and said,turmeric extract powder, "Xiaoji, this is Mr. Lu, a bandit. He just returned to China and lives in 503." Huang Dan's image is not very good, white jeans, color fast fade clean T-shirt, head wrapped, face pale, lip color is also, there is a smell of medicine on the body, is a wound. He raised his lips and held out his hand and said,carnosic acid price, "Hello, Mr. Lu, I'm Ji Shiyu." The bandit put his hands in his pockets and showed no sign of taking them out. "Hello." As soon as the corner of Huang Dan's eye twitched, didn't he hear that the returnees upstairs were very polite? He put the hand down carelessly. Uncle Liu couldn't see past it. "Mr. Lu, Xiaoji shook hands with you. Why didn't you take your hand out?" "Xiaoji has never studied abroad, but he is also a university graduate. He is a good boy, and he is no worse than anyone else." Lu bandit hooked his lips. "Grandpa misunderstood me. My hands are all sweaty. It's very impolite to shake hands with people." Huang Dan glanced at it. Lu bandit nods, "Li classmate can understand." Huang Dan said, "I can understand." Uncle Liu saw that Huang Dan really didn't take it to heart, so he didn't say any more. He seemed to have an opinion about the bandits who came back from abroad and kept a distance. Xiaoji, will you sit in the pavilion in front of me for a while? Huang Dan said, "No." Uncle Liu didn't force him either. He stopped a neighbor who was passing by with a radio. They walked away talking and laughing. The opera of the radio is gradually blurred. Huang Dan looked at the man, "I live on the fourth floor, 401." Lu bandit grabbed the sweaty hair in front of his forehead to the back of his head, revealing deep eyebrows and eyes, clear and neat outline, stiff and firm, "Oh, that's the dead old Zhang's head." Yellow list, jujube seed powder ,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, ".." The bandit walked forward, took two or three steps and stopped. He turned around. His eyes changed from lazy to sharp. There was nothing in it. Something was restrained. Huang Dan withdrew his eyes from looking at the man's buttocks and asked. Just then, a little girl playing with the pulley passed by and hit the bandit. There was nothing in the bandit's eyes a moment ago, but this second he was swept by the storm and could not restrain himself from pouring out. He frowned and pressed the arm that had been hit, irritable, angry, mad, his face in pain, his thin lips pressed together, giving people a feeling that he would cry at any time. ***! The bandit cursed with a livid face, breathing heavily, cold sweat on his forehead, light in his eyes, and could not tell whether it was cold light or what. Huang Dan looked at the man in amazement, his eyes getting weirder and weirder. "It was just a bump." Lu bandit coldly swept, turned around and left. Huang looked at the man with one eye and was about to stay away from his line of sight, so he ran up and pulled the man.
Lu bandit's hand waved, facial features twisted, in the endure what, the light in the eyes more obvious. "Huang Dan was waved to stagger back a step, he frowned under the eyebrows, the buttocks are right, will not admit mistakes." Are you crying? The bandit's complexion changed, his jaw line tightened, and he was unusually cold. "No." Huang Dan took out a pack of paper towels and "wiped his nose." Lu bandit subconsciously to touch the nose, found himself deceived, he did not get angry, but twisted eyebrows, eyes have a sharp look, people nowhere to hide, will be very uncomfortable. Huang Dan is very calm, not afraid to show a man, afraid he can not see. The bandit left without saying a word. Huang Dan looked at the man on the wooden bridge, this time he did not catch up, "three elder brothers, Lu bandit is the person I will meet every time." He used a firm tone, just trying to control his movements, only pulled, did not make other movements. System, "Congratulations." Huang Dan pursed his lips. "Lu Bandit's reaction just now was not normal. I suspect that his pain nerve is different from ordinary people, just like me." This idea is just a flash, but was caught by Huang Dan, a rough pondering, let his heart shake. System, "Empathy is a lie, that statement does not exist, must be experienced in order to feel." Huang Dan knows this truth, he does not understand, some things think impassability. Abnormal pain accompanied him to grow up, it is a habit of pain, others will never understand, nor experience, he did not think that one day in the future, there is a person who can experience what he has experienced, bear what he has borne. Something was flowing in Huang Dan's heart. He unconsciously covered his heart with his hand and beat too fast. If the pain is still there, he must be in pain. Huang Dan's brain appeared to suck sound, very abrupt, he was stupefied, "three elder brothers,saw palmetto extract, what are you doing?" System, "I'm drinking coke." Yellow list, ".." 。