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I got divorced after I dressed up as a bully's wife.

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Song Xiuran originally did not want to say too much, Shao Wenxuan is such a big person, the idea is still naive like a child. But after all is own brother, although the person is silly, but he mentions the point to mention also to be able to save. He patiently and slowly explained to Shao Wenxuan. The Shao family was originally one of the largest families in Xuancheng, with deep roots and industries all over the country. But in Shao Wenxuan's generation, some people in the Shao family were ambitious and not satisfied with the status quo. They United with outsiders to force Shao to abdicate. As a result, they stole the chicken without losing the rice. They didn't get any benefits, but they also got more than half of the Shao family. Later, Mr. Shao was so angry that he couldn't afford to get sick, and Shao Wenxuan's father couldn't help him. The Shao family suddenly fell into a very difficult situation. At that time, Shao's enterprise was in danger, and Shao, who was seriously ill, had to call back Shao Wenze, who was studying abroad, to take over the Shao family's mess. Finally, with the help of the Song family, Shao Wenze saved most of the Shao family's inheritance. In recent years, Xuancheng has produced many upstarts, while the old rich and powerful families have gradually declined. Apart from the two unshakable trees of Song and Gu, other families have collapsed to varying degrees. At this time, if we want to consolidate our foundation, we must find a suitable family to cooperate. Marriage is more stable than other forms of cooperation. The Shao family is no longer the Shao family of that year, and Shao Wenxuan has no choice in this marriage. Shao Wenxuan said derisively, "In that case,Serum Bottle With Dropper, why don't you let my brother marry Chen Xiyun directly?" As soon as this word was spoken, without waiting for Song Xiuran to say anything, Shao Wenxuan directly slapped himself in the face. He knows how much his brother has paid for this family. He has lived under the protection of Shao Wenze these years. He is used to being free. He has made no progress except indulging in debauchery. If his brother heard that just now, he would not know how sad it would be. Think about it again. If you still don't want to marry Miss Chen, I'll convey your meaning to your brother. Shao Wenxuan covered his face with his hands and was silent for a long time before saying, "No, Chen Xiyun, I'll marry you!" Song Xiuran patted him on the shoulder: "Miss Chen may not be your favorite person, but she must be the most suitable person for you." Neither of them have ever been together. Who knows whether they are suitable or not? After Zhou Changyu and Bai Yu saw that they had almost chatted, they returned to the booth with their glasses. Just as they were about to say something to enliven the atmosphere, Shao Wenxuan suddenly opened his mouth again. What about you, brother Ran? Did you marry your sister-in-law because you liked her or because she was more suitable for you? Song Xiuran was in a daze for a moment, and when Shao Wenxuan was a little perturbed about his problem, he shook his head gently: "No." The author has something to say: Thanks to the little angel who voted for me during 2019-11-30 14:07:22 ~ 2019-12-01 18:27:51. Thanks to the little angels who threw the mines: Lin Jiji 2; Thank you very much for your support, 30ml Dropper Bottle ,Oil Dropper Bottle, I will continue to work hard! Chapter 34 This is an answer that everyone expected. Song Xiuran married his wife, it is not their turn to beak what, but they have secretly thought in their hearts, Xu Tong and Song Xiuran's matching degree is almost 0, the two of them in addition to the appearance of the right, there is no suitable place. Xu Tong's condition is not enough to match Song Xiuran, into the rich and powerful family, she can not do a good job of the identity of Mrs. Song, nor the ability to do the woman behind Song Xiuran. If you say like, it is even more impossible, Song Xiuran such a man will like someone else? Shao Wenxuan did not give up and asked, "Since you are not, why do you want to marry her?" Chongxi this matter, know in addition to Song Xiuran and the old man is his parents know, in order to protect Xu Tong, the Song family has never announced. Someone asked, also only said that Song Xiuran likes, at the beginning of Xuancheng most of the ladies are jealous and envious of Xu Tong, one by one want to see what ability she has, can Song Xiuran fan round and round, regardless of identity differences to marry her into the door.
But when Xu Tong married into the Song family, these people found that the relationship between Xu Tong and Song Xiuran was not as congenial as they had imagined. Song Xiuran looked up at Shao Wenxuan, "you have too many problems today." "Right, right, right, Wen Xuan, you drink less. When you get drunk later, the two girls you're looking for won't play with you." Zhou Changyu immediately came forward to smooth things over, found a seat and sat down, holding the cup and touching Song Xiuran. But Shao Wenxuan did not go down this step. But brother, "his tone with a trace of sarcasm and confusion," in fact, I don't want to marry Chen Xiyun because of you. " Song Xiuran & Zhou Changyu and Bai Yu: (Ω Ω), wow, brother, do you know what you are talking about? "Shao Wenxuan, what are you thinking all day? What the *** are you talking about?" Song Xiuran's face changed, looking at Shao Wenxuan's eyes some unspeakably strange. No, Wenxuan, you said you didn't have this hobby before. Why did you suddenly.. "Bai Yu shook the goose bumps on his body and subconsciously moved his position.". Being interrupted by them, Shao Wenxuan's sad mood, which had been brewing with great difficulty, ran away without a trace. What are you all thinking about? Can you hear me out? Shao Wenxuan complained angrily to Song Xiuran,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, "You're the only one of us who got married. I thought you and your sister-in-law got married because you liked each other. But after you married your sister-in-law home, you left her aside. Your wife is not like your wife, and the vase is not like a vase. You don't know what people outside say about her. What cats and dogs dare to step on your sister- I heard the women talking about her several times when I was at a party.