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HP Envy 5030 printer is offline troubleshoot

HP Envy 5030 Printer is offline, follow these steps to reconnect the printer. In some cases, your printer status may be offline, or an offline message may appear on the printer device.

Download and install Print and Scan Doctor
• HP Easy Start software to be installed on the device.
• Move the HP Easy Start driver to a new folder.
• Choose "scan now" when you open the saved software.
• Click on the option to update the driver that appears.
• Your HP Envy 5030 printer and wireless router should be turned off.
• Turn off your computer, whether it's a PC or a Mac.
• Unplug all of the USB cables from the devices.
• Switch on the printer and PC after 10 seconds.
• Turn on your Wi-Fi router and you're ready to go.
• Then, check to see if the printer's software is installed correctly.
1. Offline error on the HP Envy 5030 printer
If your HP Envy 5030 printer is not connected to the internet, follow the steps below to resolve the problem.
• Restart both your computer and printer.
• Start your wireless router again.
• Check to see if your printer is online or not.
• If your printer is still not working, proceed to the next step.
• Connect to your device's settings and then to Printers.
• Connect to your printer's name and right-click to select "Use Printer Online."
• Your printer will now enter online mode automatically
• Still, if your printer is not connected to the internet, clear any open print jobs.
• Cancel all of your documents and turn on your printer.
• Check for any jammed papers and confirm that all USB cable connections are secure.
2. Offline steps to run the inbuilt printer trouble-shooter for the HP Envy 5030 Printer
• Press the Windows key keyboard.
• In the search box, type troubleshooting.
• Now select the option.
• Next, choose the hardware and network options.
• Select the printer option.
• Now press the Run button to start the programme.
3. HP Envy 5030 Printer Firmware Update STEPS:
• HP often issues printer updates:

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Updating the printer firmware may fix the HP Envy 5030 Printer Offline issue. Look for the printer update feature, which has different menus and icons depending on the printer.
• Printers with an ePrint button or icon:
Touch the HP ePrint icon and choose settings or setup, then product update or check product update.
• Text-Based Printer:
From the settings menu, select Setup or Service. Select Preferences, Printer Maintenance, and Web services, Printer update.
• While signing up, accept the terms of service and follow the instructions on the screen. Web services should be enabled with automatic updates.
• To start the update process if your printer doesn't do it automatically, select Check for Updates from the printer's menu.
4. Envy 5030 printer software reinstallation
• First, reinstall the printer software to fix any mistakes that may have happened in your first installation procedure.
• Disconnect the USB cable.
• Then, in Windows, look for Programs and Features.
• Find and uninstall your HP software by selecting Programs and Features.
• Install the HP Printer software again.
• You can either use the installation disc that came with your printer equipment or you can get it from the HP official website.
5. Printer setting reset on HP Envy 5030
Start by resetting your printing environment to see if you can reconnect your printer to your device.
• Unplug the power cord from the printer once it has been turned off and waited for roughly a minute.
• for 10 seconds shut down your computer and your printer.
• Then, reconnect the printer's power cord and turn it on.
• The router should be restarted if you are using a wireless connection.
• Then, reconnect the power cord to the router and wait for the network activity light to come on before continuing.
• Press the wireless button or the wireless control panel icon at the same time to activate the wireless connection.
• Then, turn on your computer and wait for your printer to connect to the router. Reconnect the power cord to the printer's back end and try printing again.
• Continue to the next step if the HP Envy 5030 Printer is offline.

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