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How to Split Bills in Your Roommate Agreement

There are a lot of things that you need to discuss with a new roommate before the two of you decide to move in with one another. You need to determine where each of you will sleep in the apartment and how to split up the rent. Often this is done based on the cost of the rent and splitting it in half, but there are other ways to do it depending on the situation as well. No matter how you plan to get it all split up, you will need to write it all down in a roommate agreement to help avoid some potential problems down the road.
Another thing that you should consider is who will pay the bills and when they will be paid. Again, you may split these or decide that one roommate is in charge of some of them and the other roommate in charge of the others. This can be a bit more complicated since the bills can only be listed out in one person’s name. Figure out what shared bills you need to get paid during the month and how you plan to split the expenses.
Within your roommate agreement, dictate how core utilities will get divided up and paid for and include a date for when you will get these paid. While you are talking about the bills, make sure to discuss how you will handle some of the other items you choose to share, like your toilet paper. You may not think that this is a big deal now, but if you are the only one who is buying it all the time, it can get frustrating.
It is better to go into too many details here rather than not enough. Have an idea of who is responsible for what and how much they will be spending as well. This will keep you on the same page and allows you a way to make things fair.
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