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How to Select Meeting Chairs for Your Meeting Room

The meeting room is the place in the office where important discussions take place and where major decisions are made. It has to be spacious, functional, and comfortable. For this, you will need the right types of meeting chairs. Use some advice on how to make the right choice among the different models available in the market.
Size matters a lot.
You have to take into account the size of the meeting table that you have chosen and the number of people that you want to accommodate around it. The more people you want to put around the narrower the meeting chairs have to be. There should be a distance of around 10 inches between the chairs to allow meeting participants to feel comfortable. The depth of the pieces is also really important. The distance between a pushed-in chair and the wall should be at least 3 feet.
Look for a functional and comfortable design.
The ideal meeting chair office furniture is compact and light and super comfy at the same time. Generally, features like backrests and armrests are considered mandatory. Swivel and backrest tilt, on the other hand, is not. It is best if the design is ergonomic.
The cantilever chairs are typically preferred for meeting rooms because they fit compactly next to one another while being easy to move back and forth. If you need to accommodate fewer people around the meeting table and you want to give them maximum comfort, you should consider swivel models with padded seats and backrests.
Ensure perfect durability.
It is best to go for meeting chairs with metal frames for maximum durability. There are two main options when it comes to upholstery. You can go for fabric or leather, which can be genuine or artificial. While genuine leather is the most durable material, it requires the most care. Most fabrics are fairly durable and easy and inexpensive to replace. If you go for artificial leather, you have to check its quality specifically.
Pay great attention to the style.
The style of the chairs should correspond to the style of the meeting room and the table. The room style, on the other hand, should match that of the company. Just ask yourself whether your company is modern or traditional.
Last, but not least, you should get a set of meeting chairs which are exactly the same. Discrimination between the different participants based on their status within the company is in conflict with the ethics of the modern corporate culture.
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