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How to invest in stocks and choose the best ones

Investing in stocks requires a lot of knowledge, as choosing the right stock for investment is not an easy matter. We often see some people who pay all their savings to buy stocks and invest in the stock market, but are exposed to huge losses. This results from their poor selection of stocks and their misunderstanding of the mechanism of the money market. Therefore, there are some factors that will help each person choose the appropriate stocks for investment, including:
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Determine the stocks that are believed to be worth buying, by conducting research on the stock’s performance and results. Read the opinions of experts about this stock, and watch its charts, whether daily or weekly. If it is generally trending upward, this is a strong indicator of the stability of the stock's performance in the long term, which is really great.
Reviewing a stock's performance in order to evaluate its potential, it is necessary to look for a stock that achieves consistent profit growth. Especially in the long term, the stability of the stock's upward trend is a good indicator of the stock's strength, even if the rise is slow.
Comparing a company's stock with its counterparts in the same sector. The stock must be better than the average in its sector or have the potential to push it upward. For example, comparing shares of agricultural production companies and choosing the strongest among them.
Ensure that the company is interested in paying dividends to shareholders, and the amount of profit it distributes. If the profit rate increases year after year, this is also a good indicator. In addition, these dividend-paying stocks increase the investor's profits.