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How Fast Afro Hair Grows?

Sometimes it can seem impossible to grow afro hair. Scientifically speaking, black hair is the slowest-growing type of hair due to its oval shape, growing about a third of an inch per month. In addition to slow growth, problems such as breakage, thinning, and hair loss can also occur while trying to grow your African hair. This is usually due to dehydration. From intense hydration to heat protection to boosting your vitamin intake, here are all the tips and tricks to boost 4c Afro Hair growth.
It may not seem like it, but having healthy, strong, and long afro hair is possible, even if you've faced obstacles like breakage. Improve its condition and see natural hair growth in just a week. You can also try Protective Styles For Natural Short Hair.
Tips on How To Grow An Afro: 


  1. Stay hydrated

One of the biggest problems with curly or afro hair is its difficulty retaining water; you often become dry. However, healthy and happy hair needs the same. The natural spiral shape of curly or spiral hair means that moisture has difficulty penetrating the hair. The intense hydration boost is also a great step to combat the effects of frizz, which can lead to knots and breakage.

  1. It is not hot

It's known that heat styling can damage your hair and cause split ends and split ends. But it's not just your hairdryer and styling tools that make an impression. The sun's UV rays can also dry out your hair. Vitamin E helps protect against sun damage. So try to increase your food intake as much as possible.
Minimize heat styling and always apply a heat protectant spray before use. It is also a good idea to invest in a hair product with SPF to limit the sun's effects on your hair. Another good idea, although it may seem simple, is to wear a hat when you are in direct sunlight.

  1. Say no to sulphates

Many of the leading hair care brands use chemicals in their products that hinder the hair's health instead of helping it. Sulphates are added to shampoo to create a thick, frothy lather that many people associate with cleanliness, but shampoo foam does not clean the hair and is not necessary for the product.
Sulphates are known to strip hair of essential oils and moisture and are bad for scalp health. Stick to natural hair care products & cleansers that are good for your hair, scalp, and the environment.


  1. Gentle brushing

Afro hair's dry and frizzy tendencies can make it prone to tangling and matting. Rough combing through knotted hair can stress roots and follicles, leading to breakage and breakage. This has the exact opposite effect on those who want to see their hair grow.
Divide your hair into manageable sections and gently run the comb through your hair. Using a detangling spray will make the brush smooth. In addition to avoiding tugging at the knots, you should also avoid brushing your hair when it is wet.

  1. Avoid over-styling

If you want your hair to grow faster with Different Types Of Curls, change your hairstyle regularly to avoid adding stress to your hair. Some hairstyles, such as braids, protect the hair, but they must be worn for up to 10 weeks at a time.