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How do I choose an ecommerce web design agency in the UK?

It's Choosing the right ecommerce website design company is not easy. Of course, there are hundreds of organizations that provide web design and development services, but this does not make a choice easier. Choosing the best web design company is a difficult task and requires careful consideration of some key factors.

Fortunately, we are working for you. The main thing to remember is that you are not looking for any company. You are looking for a company that best meets your specific project requirements and has e-commerce experience. Specialization and a good track record of successful implementation are the keys to success.

How to choose wisely? Here are some useful tips to help you get started.

The portfolio says it all.

The portfolio of the company you are considering should be the first step. You can easily visit their website to view the e-commerce projects that have been successfully delivered so far. The important thing is that you need to go beyond screenshots. Instead, go further. Click on the link to visit the website you actually built to understand how it feels and the level of user experience it provides. Is this what you want to copy on your website?

Contact them for more relevant portfolio samples.

In order to save some work, you can actually contact the company directly and ask about relevant portfolio examples, use cases, and success stories related to the project you are trying to develop. Let them impress you. If they don’t want to return you more information, they may not be worth your time in the first place.

It makes sense to contact the company because some items may not be listed on the website due to a non-disclosure agreement or simply because the agency has not updated the website for a while. The company may provide more detailed information about completed work in a more specific context.

Check your website

Before you check their portfolio, the company website can give you a general idea of ​​their capabilities and responsibilities. If they boast of impeccable design and top-notch talent, you would expect it to be reflected on their own website.

Ask for the resumes of team members.

Hiring the right team is a prerequisite for the success of the project. If you are already thinking, you can ask your company to provide a blind (anonymous) resume for the team members assigned to your project. This is an effective way to ensure that you have everything you need for a successful project.

Check fair customer reviews.

There is a website dedicated to reviewing software development services. The Clutch is just one of them. It provides detailed customer feedback to help companies find the best suppliers for their projects. You can use different websites made by web design services in the UK.

Sites like Clutch provide a wealth of information to check your company’s reputation and see if there are recurring problems with your project handling. Clutch’s undeniable advantage is that the reviews are (usually) impartial because the interviews are conducted by analysts. Clutch conducts customer reviews and creates a verified company profile to facilitate the connection between service providers and customers.

Extra service

When building an e-commerce website, you need to think from a long-term perspective and work with a broader perspective. It is important to understand that you are not only concerned with the development team. Taking your website to another level may require additional services, such as UX experts, graphic designers, and SEO experts. Choosing the services of a company that provides all these services at the same time can avoid many problems in coordinating the work of many different ecommerce experts working in different time zones and workplaces.
By saving time, you can focus on your core business and leave the rest to the experts.

Cost and quality

Of course, you are looking for affordable prices, but the cost savings are usually reflected in the quality of the final product. Over-focusing on price is a dead end and may cost more in the long run.

Beware of companies that provide too many services at very low prices. The established professional company adheres to strict quality standards and always charges slightly higher than the newly established ecomerce web design agency.

Maintenance and support

To ensure optimal performance, be sure to check the level of maintenance and support your company can provide before and after launch. This consideration is especially important for large-scale ecommerce projects because technical problems directly lead to loss of revenue.