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How did it get so overwhelming? The mystery of falling in love with a physical doll

Submitted by aldollsale on Sat, 01/28/2023 - 23:12

Perhaps the emotions can not find an outlet, or perhaps the pain of loss is too strong, many people choose physical dolls, as a way to escape loneliness - dress it, make up for it and take pictures, as if they are really alive, and share their lives with them.
In the movie "Inflatable Doll Love", the male protagonist Lars lived with his parents who were withdrawn for years, and over time, his personality changed, he was afraid to get along with real people, and even touching his skin would produce a burning sensation, so Lars bought a silicone doll Bianca as his girlfriend, and not only succeeded in convincing himself, but also people around him began to believe that Bianca was a real individual; in addition, in the British drama "Black Mirror In addition, in the British drama "Black Mirror", the heroine can not bear the pain of the sudden death of her lover in a car accident, so through a virtual website to order a thinking, talking another "he".

Similar stories are not uncommon in novels, movies or TV dramas, most of which explore how modern people can face their pain and heal their loneliness through "replication" in an alienated society. People are afraid of rejection, afraid to make promises with others, and even when the other side holds different opinions, we do not know how to cross the gap between each other through communication. So, a realistic sex dolls that does not speak and can be obedient seems to be the perfect way to relieve.
In the early 1990s, sculpture artist Matt began to design human dolls, his idea was initially very simple, only want to provide the human platform to clothing stores, through them to display clothing and thus enhance the sales of the store. Later, in addition to clothing stores, he received orders for "life-like" custom models, and now more than twenty years later, Matt's California-based physical doll company, Abyss Creation, receives about four hundred orders per year for life-size custom models, becoming another major source of income.

As the Internet has developed, forums for mini sex doll collectors have also grown rapidly in the virtual world. For example, in the Yimei forum, you can share your experience with tens of thousands of other users of the flat chest sex doll, free from the critical eye of worldly opinion, and freely share and upload photos of your physical doll's home life, while those discarded and old physical dolls can be freely sold online.

Many buyers will buy clothes or cosmetics for their teen sex doll, but less than 10% of them will view their dolls as "family" and change their dolls to different positions and poses as their mood dictates each day. These people not only take good care of the dolls, but also respect each other's relationship from the perspective of friends, as if these cold bodies also have a special personality. At the same time, they also care about how the public perceives their relationship with the physical doll, but also try to avoid the details of their relationship in public, because, it is likely to ruin the next chance to meet the right girl.

Generally speaking, the production of a physical doll takes no less than 10 hours of work, and the production of all-silicone dolls much longer, the production staff must follow every detail of the body, including body, face, eyes and hair color to make, the fine production process, but also the doll's selling price is high, the price ranges from a thousand dollars to more than 100,000 yuan. The starting point of having physical dolls vary, some people will use them as erotic objects, to meet their fantasies; but there are a small number of people, the physical doll will be used as art and photography props.
Mind and body "loneliness" is not limited to a certain time and place, but a universal state of all human beings. In the United States, in fact, there are physical doll companies to provide buyers with multiple needs, as long as the Internet search keywords, you can see a wide range of manufacturers to you, whether it is Eastern or Western faces, or special pillow dolls, photo books, used dolls auction, there are special places to provide exclusive services for enthusiasts.