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How to choose Print event tickets

Whatever event you are planning, they provide high-quality ticket printing services with a distinctive design that exudes elegance. They cover all your ticket printing needs using the latest technology, including secure ticket printing.
Electronic tickets may become more popular, but in their experience, no event is created and delivered more professionally than a well-designed and prepared event ticket. An event card is often the first experience a customer has. Ensuring the perfect ticket arrives on your doormat as you prepare for your event creates excitement and anticipation.
Print tickets for any event: concerts, sporting events, weddings, parties, or any other large gathering you can think of. Their flexible approach to ticket design and production means combining your input and vision with the experience and knowledge of their design team to create the perfect custom ticket that showcases your event exactly as you want it to. Easily incorporate illustrations, logos, text, images, and holograms into your design to make your tickets stand out.
Secure card printing
Scammers and counterfeiters are becoming tech-savvy as more and more event planners and organizers mistakenly buy fake tickets. This can lead to reduced sales, angry customers, and substantial financial consequences.

Printing Order of Service is proud of its commitment to using secure technology to protect your tickets and brand. Their high-security printed tickets are state-of-the-art and can contain all kinds of gimmicks that make tampering almost impossible, making your event even more secure.

  • UV Ink– Using special UV inks in the event card printing process provides extensive security features. This is highly recommended. By impregnating the ticket stock with this special ink, gate staff can instantly confirm ticket validity by exposing selected tickets to a UV light source.


  • High-security ticket storage– Their premium secure ticket storage includes a layer of colored paper that is not visible until the event ticket is torn. This reveals the suit's core, confirming whether the event card is real or fake. The unpredictable nature of this security technique makes it very popular with people planning early ticketed events.


  • Holograms– Including high-quality holograms increases the style and impact of your event tickets while reducing the risk of fraud. Holograms made using reliable laser technology have been an essential security feature since the creation of holograms on paper in the 1980s.



  • Sequential numbering– may not be as attractive as technically advanced security solutions, but simple methods can work well. Sequential ticket numbers are a great basic security solution for small events that don't require the highest level of ticket security.

A ticket to a special event is more than just an admission ticket. Done correctly, they become memories. Order of Service Printing knows how vital a well-designed, professionally printed ticket is to your overall event experience, but they also know it shouldn't break the bank.
With voucher printing, you get premium event ticket printing at a price you can invest in if it matters most: the event itself.In addition, you can expect the following:

  • Unmatched experience in services and products
  • Matching event tickets for all OEM makes and models
  • Abundant full-color printing capabilities