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Hot discussion on the sex doll

Submitted by aldollsale on Wed, 12/14/2022 - 23:25

Sex Doll Bad or good for what? society, or the person who is using them...both?

As far as the social scene is concerned the flat chested sex doll are around for more than 300 years "Dutch wives" are referred to for their origins due to dutch sailors of the 18th century who created masturbation-themed puppets of cloths and leathers and then sold them to Japanese.

If they were harmful to society, one would assume we'd be aware of it in the past, but there must at least be some evidence of harm but I'm unable to find any.

There is evidence that suggests dangers associated with sexually explicit dolls that are the creation of children. There is a general shift in the political and legal change to ban sexually abused children in any form or form...including in video or cartoon games. Australia is able to imprison you for 15 years if you own dolls believed to be like a child under the age of 18.

The issue is in the realm of laws and politics. Politicians and lawmakers consider this area "icky" and they take whatever they can get away with the most effort. They may be looking at an excuse to make ALL dolls illegal . I could imagine that within a couple of years Australia could jail you for a lengthy period for owning a doll, as they're quickly moving toward that...mainly because it's more affordable and takes less effort instead of having legal cases to determine the age of your doll or not, simply declaring that all dolls are illegal solves the issue and fills in legal gaps.

We must not misinterpret the moral and legal aspects It's fine to smoke marijuana however it is prohibited in many areas and the battle against drugs and the idea that marijuana is a "gateway to a more grave crime or substance is likely to be used in conjunction in conjunction with sex dolls, where they might claim they're an entry point to dolls that look younger or even rape abuse of children.

Therefore, in terms of harm ...most is likely to be borne by the owner of the doll if they are reprimanded by the government. The general public will likely not take notice of or take action or even advocate for the persecuting of those who own cheap sex doll. A few men I know are in jail or have been disciplined because of dolls that i believe were either adults or were not able to prove they caused social hazard. Certainly, news sites, media ...some people who have a vested interest make doll owners look like a victim and do it in the assumption that it's just because the owner of the dolls is an objectification of people. In reality, that they are humanizing objects, but they don't dehumanize individuals. However, as long as people think of doll owners as evil and perverse, the true danger is clearly for the owner of the doll and not the owner of the doll to the general public.