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Heroic ambition

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Lu Yun added, "People all say that Kongming made great achievements in the battle of Chibi, even surpassing Zhou Lang.". This argument is too much, I am afraid it is a novelist's words, not enough to believe, otherwise with the Song Dynasty literary giant Su Shi's ability, how can he forget the merits of Kongming in his "Nian Nu Jiao" and mention Zhou Yu's deeds alone? Then he casually picked up a few words of Su Dongpo's "Nian Nu Jiao" and intoned, "Think of Gong Jin in those days … "Xiongzi Yingfa, feather fan silk ribbon scarf, talk and laugh between the strong Lu ashes." The people who listened to these words nodded one after another, and Gu Siyuan smiled. "Kongming and Zhou Lang have their own abilities," added Lu Yun. "Neither can cover the other. ZuoZongBing alone love Kongming, nothing. But the chief soldier is in a high position, and his words can be seen. How can it be hearsay? "If it is heard by a conscientious person, I'm afraid it will be ridiculed behind his back." Seeing his profound insight, Zuo Congyi said to himself, "Damn it, even a little devil has this kind of ability. Lord Gu seems to be really capable of employing people. No wonder the emperor wants to appoint him as the Minister of War." But this word is inconvenient say face to face, be obliged to say: "Little brother sees and hears extensively, I this benefit is not shallow." Gu Siyuan was very proud when he saw Lu Yun showing his face for him. Several bodyguards around him were surprised to see that Lu Yun had been convinced by the church's chief soldier. They stayed in Jiangxia for one night and returned to Yangzhou the next day. When they had nothing to do, they went back to their hometown by water. Boating on the water,hot tub spa manufacturers, minus a lot of hard work. One night, the moon was white and the wind was clear. Lu Yun missed his hometown. Suddenly, he couldn't sleep, so he went out of the cabin. It was late autumn, and the night wind was very cool. Lu Yun looked up at the sky and saw a bright moon hanging high. The stars were flashing in the distant sky. He couldn't help but be open-minded. He was about to sit on the deck and enjoy the scenery when he saw Gu Siyuan sitting alone on the bow of the boat. But Gu Siyuan shouted, "The scenery at the bow of the boat is very beautiful. Come and accompany me." "" Uncle Gu saw it, "said Lu Yun-hsin. He had to walk over, bow down,jacuzzi swim spa, and stand behind Gu Siyuan. It was quiet all around, only to hear the gentle sound of the river beating gently against the hull of the boat. For a long time, Gu Siyuan remained motionless. Lu Yun was about to speak when he heard Gu Siyuan sigh. He looked up to the sky and intoned, "When you sing about wine, life is like morning dew. It's hard to go!" Lu Yun read very widely, knowing that Gu Siyuan was reading Cao Cao's "short song line", but he did not know why he sighed bitterly, and immediately left God. Gu Siyuan turned his head slowly and looked at Lu Yun. "Although you are young, you are very knowledgeable," he said. "Do you know how Cao Cao wrote this poem?" Lu Yun said, "It is said that Meng De used this" short song "to tell all the sages in the world that he only had the heart of the Duke of Zhou, but had no intention of usurping him." Gu Siyuan nodded and said, "Yes!"! In today's court, I don't know how many ministers want to learn from the Duke of Zhou. Everyone compares himself to the virtuous and capable, but who knows the loyalty and treachery? Lu Yun recognized the profound meaning in his words and nodded for a moment, jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers ,Whirlpool bathtub, not daring to ask more questions. Gu Siyuan looked at the shadow of the moon in the river and said, "I, Gu Siyuan, have been famous all my life. In my early years, I was the Number One Scholar and became the assistant minister. I have no regrets about my wealth and splendor. But in fact, I always feel that I have a wish that has not been fulfilled. Alas.." Lu Yun saw that there were many sighs in his words, and he did not know why he was sad? "I don't know what your excellency wishes," he asked. Gu Siyuan gazed at the river and said with a sigh, "I have no children in my life. I have only one beloved daughter. I thought of my old age, and my heart was weak. But who knows that in the past six months, I.." I often wonder how nice it would be to have a son. Said to turn to look at Lu Yun, the eye socket unexpectedly some moist. "Your Excellency.." said Lu Yunxin in a trembling voice. What my Lord means is. Gu Siyuan gently stroked the top of Lu Yun's head and sighed, "Cloud, I.." If I had a son as talented as you, I would die without regret. Lu Yun said, "Ah!" Only then did he realize that Gu Siyuan intended to accept him as his adopted son. If he changed his family name, his reputation would spread far and wide in the future, and his success in the imperial examination would be just around the corner. Lu Yun was very grateful and said in a loud voice, "Lu Yun was born in poverty and drifted all over the world. It is rare for him to meet a kind elder like an adult. It is really a blessing for a villain all his life." He immediately knelt down on his knees and worshipped Gu Siyuan.
Gu Siyuan was overjoyed and said, "Son, you.." You Will you accept me as your father? Remembering that he would be accompanied by such a clever son as Lu Yun in the future, his heart was filled with joy, and his eyes could not help turning red. Lu Yun fell to his knees and said in a low voice, "Lu Yun is lonely and helpless. He lives in the south of the Yangtze River. Although he has nothing, Lu Yun dares not or forgets the names of his ancestors for a day because of the kindness of his parents." Gu Siyuan thought he was going to worship himself as his father, but when he heard him speak like this, he couldn't help being stupefied and said, "You.." What you said is. Just as Gu Siyuan couldn't figure it out, he suddenly saw Lu Yun bow down to him and said, "Your Excellency loves him very much, but Lu Yun didn't dare to change his surname until he died. Please forgive him." Although the tone is soft, the manner is respectful, but the words are firm, unexpectedly rejected Gu Siyuan's good intentions. As soon as Gu Siyuan heard this, his whole body was half cold. He never thought that Lu Yun would refuse his intention. He felt sad and disappointed. He could not help sighing lightly. He turned his head and stared at the river for a long time without saying a word. Lu Yun knelt on the ground. Seeing that he looked grave, he hurriedly said, "The little man's words are wrong. He deserves to die. Please punish him heavily." With a slight sigh, Gu Siyuan shook his head and reached out to help Lu Yun up. "Don't say that, good boy," he sighed. "Get up and talk." He looked at Lu Yunying's straight face and straightened his skirt for him. His expression was full of love and pity. He whispered, "Good boy, Uncle Gu is also very happy to see you have such a backbone." I just remembered that I was doomed to be childless all my life, and I couldn't help shedding tears. Lu Yun originally thought that Gu Siyuan was just acting on a whim, so he decided to accept himself as his son. Seeing the tears on his face, he couldn't help but feel a big shock in his heart. He thought, "He.." He is really good to me! Although Lu Yun was young, he had suffered too much from the hardships of the world. No matter whether he studied hard in the temple as a teenager or became a bartender after entering the provincial entrance examination, he had never seen anyone shed a drop of tears for himself. Seeing Gu Siyuan treat himself like this,outdoor whirlpool, Lu Yun was greatly moved and said in a trembling voice, "Sir, I.." I He could not help but burst into tears and worshipped again.