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The heart has a deer

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When I was in the car, I heard him say that he wanted to make a tomato brisket pot, and Lu Hanghang agreed almost without hesitation. In the past, at home, her mother Gao Huimin would lock in her physiological cycle and make a tomato brisket pot several times to warm her up before that. In addition, Luhanghang herself likes the taste of tomatoes, and this dish is one of her favorites. But she is usually too lazy, do a time in addition to trouble, she can not eat a pot, after all, a stew is enough. Lu got down from the high chair, rolled up his sleeves and said, "Let me help you." Although she was a guest, it didn't seem very polite to come empty-handed and wait to freeload. Fu Shiyi put the beef brisket on the chopping board, along the texture of the beef, while cutting a big piece, while saying yes. The deer walked around to him and asked, "What can I do for you?" Fu Shiyi bent slightly to cut the meat, turned his head sideways and motioned to the apron hanging on the oven, saying, "Help me tie it." Lu Hanghang did not think so much, reached for the apron, shook two times to pull the cotton rope at both ends,inflatable air dancer, walked behind him just to help him tie, suddenly stopped. This pose.. A little bit of that.. "What's the matter?" Fu Shiyi turned his back and did not see the expression on her face. Lu Hang-hang coughed twice and whispered, "It's all right.." Then he took his apron and put it around his waist, hunched his body as far as possible, turned his face up, grabbed the end of his left hand with his right hand, and finally succeeded in surrounding it. Lu Hanghang breathed a sigh of relief quietly, took a small step back, and carefully tied a button behind him. In order not to be noticed by him,inflatable castle with slide, Lu Hanghang turned to wash the tomatoes, but he stopped him. She was not allowed to touch the water or cut the vegetables, so she had to sit back in the high chair with the hot water he poured. Miaomiao twisted his fat body and came over to smell the beef on the chopping board. He found that it was not a small dried fish, so he jumped down from the combing table and strolled in the living room like an old man. Lu Hanghang had a stomachache for a while. After drinking a few mouthfuls of hot water, he couldn't help lying on the table. Do you have a stomachache again? Fu Shiyi saw her frowning, and his heart could not help pulling. Lu Hanghang put his hand on the table, tilted his head and lay on his arm, nodding feebly. Fu Shiyi turned around and washed his hands quickly. He lowered his body and asked softly, "Go and lie down for a while?" Lu Hanghang shook his head subconsciously, straightened his head and said solemnly, "I want to see you cook." Fu Shiyi smiled, reached out and rubbed her little head, went to her side and pulled her to the sofa. Sitting here, you can still see me. Lu Hanghang obediently sat on the sofa, Miao Miao saw her sitting down, also jumped up, Inflatable indoor park ,Jumping castle with slide, next to her lying down, this look and at home no different. Seeing him go back to the bedroom and take a small blanket out, Lu Hanghang was stunned for a moment and took it over and said, "If it's too comfortable, I'll fall asleep.." Sure enough, Lu Hanghang took a book at first, while watching him cook, while reading, but then the sofa and blanket are too easy to relax, Fu Shiyi just covered the lid of the pot, turned around and saw her fall asleep on the sofa. She untied her apron, went over and put the pillow under her head, let her lie comfortably on the sofa, looked up at the time, and she could sleep for forty minutes before dinner. Worried that she would fall down in the middle of her sleep, Fu Shiyi had to sit down beside her. Miao Miao stretched on the sofa and saw Fu Shiyi sitting beside him, so he climbed into his arms and went back to sleep. Fu Shiyi could not help but smile at the corners of his mouth, and sure enough, the cat followed its master. An hour later, Lu Hanghang was awakened by the fragrance, sat up from the sofa, scratched her head and recalled how she fell asleep. When I put my legs down from the sofa, I suddenly found that my feet were soft. I looked down and found that there were three or four pillows next to the sofa. He's afraid she'll fall? Lu Hanghang gently pursed his lower lip, put the pillow on the carpet back in place, heard the sound of rustling in the bedroom, got up and went over to see. In the bedroom, a cat, a person and a hairball were playing happily. Fu Shiyi saw Lu Hanghang standing at the door of the bedroom, and then he walked out of the bedroom with Miao Miao in his arms. Does it still hurt? Fu Shiyi walked up to her and saw that she was in good condition after she woke up.
"It doesn't hurt anymore," Lu Hanghang said, taking Miaomiao and touching his stomach with one hand. "But I'm hungry." Fu Shiyi went to the kitchen, took out the tomato brisket which was kept warm in a small fire in the casserole, and then filled two bowls of rice. Lu Hang Hang first drank a mouthful of soup, rich tomato flavor, plus the meat flavor of the beef brisket after boiling, the soup alone has been full marks. May be really hungry, Lu Hang Hang ate a lot, thought not to eat rice, and finally there is not a grain left. After dinner, it was close to eight o'clock in the evening. Lu Hanghang looked at his cell phone. Shao Qi sent her a lot of messages. He was afraid that if he didn't reply to her, the boat of friendship would turn over. Holding Miaomiao ready to go home, just walked to the entrance to see a side of the wall is not a small puzzle finished product. Did you spell it? That's a lot of pieces. Lu Hanghang tiptoed closer and carefully observed the details of the puzzle. Fu Shiyi was about to speak when he heard a knock on the door. Lu Hanghang froze for a moment, put on his shoes, turned to look at him, who could it be? [Knock Knock-] There was another knock on the door, and this time the two men heard clearly that it was not the door of his house. Lu Hanghang suddenly remembered something. He quickly pushed the door open and saw Uncle Wu standing opposite him with his back to him. "Uncle Wu," he shouted. Hearing the sound, Wu Bo turned around and saw Lu Hanghang coming out from the opposite side. He couldn't help being a little confused. Holding Miaomiao in his arms, Lu Hanghang walked to the door of his house and said shyly, "I'm sorry, Uncle Wu. I forgot to make rounds today." Lu Hanghang said as he took the key to open the door. Wu Bo looked at the man standing across the door doubtfully, then looked at the girl Lu Hang Hang,Inflatable 5k obstacle, and couldn't help touching her chin. Lu Hanghang opened the door and asked Uncle Wu to come in. Wu Bo walked into the room with his hands behind his back. Before closing the door, Lu Hanghang quietly waved his little hand to Fu Shiyi and whispered good night. Then he closed the door. Wu Bo roughly checked the floor and walls, mainly because he was worried that Lu Miaomiao would scratch.